We Are One.

I would like to encourage everyone to reach out, if you are compelled to do so.  Doing it anonymously is fine too.  I am going to remain here blogging about the progress we have to make towards understanding and exposing the infliction of emotional trauma by psycho individuals inside businesses and entities for their own gain.

It has got to stop.

This afternoon the part will come to fix my computer.  Gradually I will be building a small central station.  From it I’ll continue broadcasting our voices.

Standing Together

As people suffering reach out to share their own stories I feel compelled to honor theirs in the only way I know how to.  Through my own experience  here is my conclusion as it has been written by me to another victim:

“I’m so glad the truth is getting out there.  Sadly I think all states are lying.  We think we are paying them to cover, care for and to protect us when instead because they don’t have the balls to do what we are expecting them to do they are turning on us as if we are the enemy.

Its a troubling dynamic because on top of it the military is churning out these sick entitled mentalities who fill jobs where, as predators, they spend their days lying to themselves and to us and cheating us too, as if it is good, and they are doing it for some sick allegiance to a self serving brotherhood.  And they are being given all the best tools by the psycho machine in order to destroy us.

My doctor and his CEO were former military officers trained in self protection through lies and deceit.  The stigma of his passing around I am suicidsl, unstable and bu polar has left in its trail the system’s willingness to perpetuate the lies as truth.  We become branded. They had no allegiance to me as a patient, nor did any of the system care. I have spoken with former military who became sickened by the dynamic as it became presented to them during their own time, and now this right or wrong do or die mentality has infiltrated all aspects of our lives as if it’s some deranged badge of honor when it is not.

Many innocent people are being physically and cyber stalked by individuals and bots for business entities and most have no discernment and cannot even differentiate between right and wrong.  There is the foreign and domestic spy facilities and then there is low level informants, instigators and trolls not unlike creeps from high school who not only never grow up but whose immaturity is pandered to for furthering our exploitation.  Basically, from what they showed me, they team tag us to death and destruction.  And they smile all aling the way.  So although the causes for our being targeted might vary the truth is still the same with the expected end result being the same too.  Misty and Rick’s deaths are positive proof of it.  If we don’t end up dead eventually we will be stripped of everything anyway so that most times we wish we were dead.  So is it any wonder being sad is epidemi?  Good Lord, if we are not sad then something is wrong!

There is no single person exempt from the Beast.  As it churns us out it is turning its gaze towards people who believed their money could save them.  In reality it cannot.  And I suspect for their turning a blind eye while the machine they have been profiting from begins eyeing them they are feeling the discomfort they thought money would keep them from.

I’m sorry you have had the terrible experience too. But I am glad through this blog you know that you are not alone.





it isn’t about hiding the truth.

it isn’t about whether or not we love ourselves.

Its about maintaining our own good nature above being and in the face of wicked.

It is not about forgiving ourselves when we haven’t done anything wrong to begin with.

Forgiving others for the harm they do is being pushed too much.

It does not hurt us to not forgive crimes done against ourselves by others when it was knowingly and purposefully done with wicked intent.

The most difficult thing for someone having good nature is understanding there are too many people who for whatever reason are wicked.

They will read here about me but feel no remorse.

They will read here about Misty but feel no remorse.

They will read here about Becky’s brother Rick but feel no remorse.

It may be Governor Inslee or Cheryl Comer or any one of their co workers or family members.

It may be Robert Sargent Jr or Sr, their wives or Diane Cecchittini or one of their benefactors.

It might be Leroy McCullough, his bailiff, or the ones from the judicial oversight committee who I complained to but that did nothing.

It could be the current CEO of Multicare or the lawyers at Williams Kastner Law Firm.

It could be Laura Middaugh who knew something was very wrong when Cheryl Comer took me to the courts.

It might be the Board or the claims adjusters of the insurance companies who oversee or underwrite the deaths of us.

It may be the workers at Western State or DSHS or even someone from St Joseph Hospital or Multicare.

It could be the “law enforcement”, the drivers of the emergency transports or even the former staff at Puget Sound Crisis Center.

It could be my former bosses  Diane or Don remembering all those letters that came in 2009 from Mr Peterson for making fun of me for the Sargent family.

It could even be Christine Munroe or the medical assistant of India descent of Dr Sargent’s who seemed to be subtly expressing in his office her concern for what she was seeing, too.

It could be all of them or none of them.

But anyone at any time can develop conscience to fix what has been done as best they can.  But we cannot make them. Whether or not those of us they destroy forgives them or not does not matter to them. And the idea that we owe them anything is absurd.  When God instructs us on forgiveness he is not talking about crimes of the heinous.  Come on!  We do not owe the heinous a single thing.  The only one we owe anything to is God and ourselves, if we manage to survive the heinous.

If by some miracle we survive, like I have, to witness as I am to the deaths of Rick and Misty by the same practice that tried to kill me and kills many others while believing it’s entitled to, we must expose them,  Anyway that is my own good nature to do.  I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t seek justice.  And how I have sought justice where none has been administered has been by taking the heinous they have done, and probably still are doing (because I haven’t heard an offering), and I have dumped it right back into their laps.

Why should I forgive them for the heinous?  The best I can do for my own soul is to not pray they fall on their own swords because of my own desire for revenge.

Revenge is God’s, not mine.

As for me, I am pleased God has given me the tools, the skills, and the knowledge to offer testimony.


It’s A Bittersweet Symphony

Misty’s dad “liked” my post on the article about her.

For the time my soul feels connected to his and to Misty’s, and to Rick’s and his sister Becky’s, along with all of the people the prescribers  of psych drugs have killed and still are killing by creating a negative narrative about us to cover up what their practices really are doing that is wrong and downright evil.

Seeing  Charles “like” to my comment has meant more to me than almost anything else in my life.  The tears won’t stop.

For me its a long overdue bittersweet symphony.

i hope for Misty’s family my story helps.

i lived to tell it for her and for Rick and I know this is true.

The Reality Chapter & Censorship

Dear Readers,

I had written another chapter titled The Reality. I had considered it might be the last chapter because I think how I managed to survive and the factual reason for what happened because my doctors head was up his ass, and so was Diane Cecchittuni, Cheryl Comer, Leroy McCullough, Sargent Sr and Mr Peterson’s, among others, along with Multicare, the King County courts, and the Kent police who did not take the report my house had been unlawfully entered among other things.

Sadly censors would not let me publish it. Fortunately I was able to hand write it in a tablet before the censors were able to delete the last paragraphs that will become the subject of the book I will be writing. Ultimately the censors did me a favor by not allowing me to publish that chapter yesterday because it did wander off the psychotropic survival subject of this original blog by stumbling into the explicits of Kevin’s rape.

By protagonistic preemptives I have been given some time to reflect and to breath, and to eat a pint of amaretto cherry with chocolate ice cream.

During the while I have been shown Misty’s death is being reduced to just another woman raped by Hollywood’s Weisstein group so that for her family the real cause of her death will remain under the carpet, the mystery elephant in the room. I cannot say is this is being done for her family or if her family is just too weak to want to see the truth. I know her family has suffered. It is also possible her family settled out of court with Multicate et al. I know those things usually come with a gag order.

Of course, irregardless, I am disappointed. Misty and Rick are the reason I am still alive. For getting out their truth, both of them have been my reason to live.

I don’t know. Maybe their truth wasn’t mine after all. Maybe Misty was just a mentally ill, drug laden
example of another Indian’s victimization. Maybe Rick really was just a Ambien filled unstable loser, flake. Maybe the practice surrounding their deaths by the same ones as my own situation was just a coincidence. Maybe if I would have died the truth would be told that I was addicted to psych drugs, an unstable suicidal loser suffering from bi polar disorder. Never mind that it would have been a lie, too, right?

If the doctors says it we can take it to the bank. Ask your doctor. Tell your doctor everything. You can always trust your doctor.

RIP Rick and Misty.


The Post

Through this I have met so many good hearted people that these evil bastards in contrast make true Angels.

I wrote earlier to a friend, but didn’t send it, the forthcoming. I don’t think this person will mind my posting it here instead:


Because I didn’t know him and still don’t I don’t know when Kevin connected with Nazarita. From what Jonnie said in 2013 made it seem he had been “working” with her for several years before. I think Jonnie said she had been being used by them for about 7 years to create art for his books without being paid or given credit. Also I got the impression Kevin and Nazarita troll Craigslist. After The Jerk blog in 2012 that is where Jonnie sent me for us to get to meeting on that she could help me defend myself from K & N.

Everyone else on The Jerk blog was posting anonymously,except me. That is how Jillayne saw me too. I didn’t care. I had been isolated and I was being taken down! So people I don’t even know came to my rescue. I was told they called the prosecutor and my public defender too and they told about them against me.

About Kevin learning he’d actually maintained some type of connection with people amazed me. I mean, we don’t think of rapists actually having a circle of friends you know? To me he was just a charming rapist, charming for as long as he needed to be anyway. Then BOOM!

It troubled me Cynthia Sobie told me Kevin and I had a relationship. So did the judges seem to think that, albeit a negative one, right? Right now I am delving into that on my blog. I just can’t get my head around it.

About Kevin I think he married Cathye around 2005. Do you know her? Not that I care. She was actually a person I reached out to through Facebook during my WTF time after I tried to kill myself in 2012. What she did, according to what he told a judge in 2013, was to call him to report to him I was stalking her too. Does this dude only know freaks? And I guess it’s okay with her that he raped me while he was married to her because I hear sometimes they still chat.

The reason I even reached out was because I didn’t have anyone else and because I was trying to figure it out. When he pursued me then did the bad thing he talked a lot. He talks z lot. Around 2009 he called me or I called him, I’m not sure. But a woman took the phone and said she was his wife and that they have kids. I remember telling her good luck with that. Snd when I did she made a very odd screeching noise, then she hung up. After that I did not contact him again. Then a few weeks later I got an email. Subject: Dr Boileau. Content: I am through. You can have him. Signed: Jane Austin. How many wives would be so brief? Yet I called asking WTF? (Please keep in mind I was still on
Ativan.) He said Jane Austin is his wife’s pseudo name and she wants to write a book. She studied women’s studies at UCLA. He didn’t say what she was writing about but with the pseudo name Jsne Austin it’s easy to guess. But it was stupidly obvious a woman did not send that email but Kevin did.

Anyway, there are lots of things Dr Sargent’s family did and lots of things Kevim did that I haven’t really talked about because I wasn’t squared away yet enough to but, about that weird noise the “wife” made on the phone? At the last hearing Nazarita made it known she was that woman on the phone pretending to be Cathye because at the hearing she made the same distinct screeching noise!

Seriously, what the hell?

Now I want to tell you, for my is reputation, I don’t dig married men okay? I don’t care what the POS doctor’s family spread around town. Yes I like many women have problems with them because of them, but I am not into them. period. Monogamous married women loathe women who chase or entertain married men. Period.

I am pretty sure Kevin figured out the dossier lied. Whatever,

Changing topics, the meeting you went to sounds wonderful.i used to be part of productuve ladies groups too. Build A Bear used to donate delightful materials I would pick up to deliver for our group to make soft dolls that would be sent to first responders and to other countries too for children in crisis to have and to keep to hug. I have always loved doing good.

Also historically I have been creative managing a number of different interests at a single time. Even after being stuck on the confusing psych drugs I was managing a lot of opportunities.

But what Kevin and then Nazarita too did sucked the life from me. Gradually I am taking an interest again in creating pleasantries the way I used to. I don’t see myself ever getting back the energy I had in 2007 but there are things I would still like to accomplish.

But for now telling this story for people to read how smooth predators are and to see what those mind drugs really do to people’s lives and how the ones prescribing them know but don’t care has been helpful.

Now I will see what the Lord has ahead.

Our region is heading into a series of storms with freezing rain and snow. During the down time I’ll practice artisan bread and work on batching the Spilt Milk nourishment for women’s skin.

As soon s the computer past arrives I’ll work on setting up a two monitor station plus a big screen for online group hangouts. Maybe you can join in.

It feels good to be coming to life again.

Finallt losing my home in2015 was just too much for me. I was rightfully so proud of the chef stake galley kitchen I designed all by myself. It was a labor of love intending for my now ex father in law Sam to cook in for family gatherings, My mom helped us install the side door. She showed me how to lay the tiles diagonally and how to trim the edge for an aesthetically pleasing finish. My son installed the plumbing, including the pot filler. And my ex handled all the electrical wiring.

I cannot complain about my life as it was pre psych drugs. The doctor is a lying vagina.

I used to create pie birds to sell on EBay before Ebay even had a separate category for pie birds. My pie birds were so nice ladies would bid them
Up to $50 – $70 for them!

No our road was not perfect!but Don & I had created a charmed life. It bevMs in Wasington that everything we touched was charmed so both our families followed. Yes his and mine both followed us.

God damn that doctor.

Losing the 35 year relationship with my husband and then losing my home of 25 years, along with losing all of my assets even though I had all the insurances in place that should have protected me and us,was just too much. So to hear Kevin say in his holiday blogtalk that people need to J St get over it is a testimony to his apathy that I am sure is parroting the extremely narcissistic Dr Sargent who has come up with a zillion excuses about why the man should not lose anything from his error while I have lost EVERYTHING including my own son’s inheritance!

In my life I only have 2 regrets. One wax accepting Lucifer’s money by takung work at JPMorgan Chase in 2001, because we had built a charmed life without that money.

And the other regret was telling the doctor in 2004 I thought I was depressed.

During our Ethics class in 2007 with good ol’girl Leslie setting to the left of me and a red headed guy looking a lot like Dr Sargent setting to the right of me while another anonymous fellow in the class asked when Professor Boileau told us dual agency is unethical if that includes Chase (and he asked 2 times after Dr Boileau said yes even if it’s Chase) I am wondering if Dr Boileau held to the standards he taught in class or if he’s sold his soul for Lucifer’s money too.

It’s going to be curious to see on the big screen who cut me out if my own story. Cathye or Naxarita? Or will Kevin have the guts to stand up?

It’s going to be curious.

Pass the popcorn.

It’s Not An Easy Job.

After writing that last chapter I was sick almost all night.

Trying to help the rapist is not for wimps.

It occurred to me that maybe I should post here naive twit Kelli Stewart’s contact information for the rapist to get help from her himself. Knowing him just reading this, if he did, little bells would go off to get find Kelli. Oh well. This was her idea,in a way. And after all she’s such a bleeding heart for rapists versus the raped.

But after some thought I just don’t think she’s got the skills. But by as sick as I was last night and from the distressing dreams I was having maybe I don’t either. Maybe it’s worth passing the wand to the naive twit.

I mean, just because the rapist is in the Internet sphere, same as me and the world, does that mean I should try to make the most of it for learning whether or not something canbe gleaned that might help us as a whole break the pattern of rape? I just don’t know. All I know is that last night was a rough one for me.

I will revisit it tomorrow,


This Is No Joke.

The matter gets discussed all the time so that many more realistic wondering is coming forth on the topic.

Yes almost every time the assaults on women and children come up we hear from the males whining that men can be raped by women too. And we hear about the homosexuals who are raped by men too. And we most assuredly hear about the one in a zillion times when a man gets falsely accused of rape therefore all accusations ought to be discounted. It’s the cry of the “better all guilty go free then one innocent be wrongly accused.” I don’t buy it. Because the fact of the matter is for every cry baby who steps up speaking as if women have no right to complain because it’s happening to others that’s a bogus argument.

Another fact of the matter is that all people involved should work together to correct the direction of the discussion. And the direction, in my opinion should go more this way, “Instead of wondering why a woman stays with a man who abuses her why aren’t we asking why the man is anusing her to begin with?”

You can replace the word woman with man or the word man with woman. You can dice it up however you want. But in reality women are abused, beaten and assaulted by men in far greater numbers than any other situation. I’m not saying the other situations are irrelevant or don’t exist.
What I am saying is the dynamic is the same so that everyone should be on the same page. The man being beaten up by a woman has as much interest in figuring out the dynamic as the tyrannie being assaulted by someone.

Why does the aggressor do it to begin with? That is the real question.

And whether he likes it or not, just like the doctor and his old man left themselves open to exposure of their predatory ways, so did Kevin. And inasmuch as they took on the role of the victims enough is now known about these particular cases to know that is not true. And I was lucky, too, in Seattle. Because the climate there was ripe for taking down a woman for what they were accusing me of. Oh, wait! They did take me down! BUT Kevin was hoping to make me do jail time. Had I not gotten an astute judge ready to retire I would have done jail time. Because as it was the farmers made me plead guilty. Back then I was on the mind drugs and also I did not know my rights. I’ve come a long way in that regard. Even so I am not kidding myself that this is a joke or funny even if Dr Sargent and his old man yuck it up over it. But of course they weren’t the one raped, so I guess that made it funny to them eh?

Well it isn’t and it never was. From the moment that Doctor lied I his notes by him I was put on the train to Hell. And he thought he was waving goodbye as the train was leaving the station. Well surprise surprise. But why he and his old man were violent is easy and obvious. Why Kevin is/was is not as much.

Yes I do believe he was paid. Everything he said pretty much gave that away. Abused children develop very keep listening skills. We had to for survival. The change of a tone of voice, each word being said could mean being in the wrong place to be belted. It is what it is. So I listen. I was listening to Kevin. Except at first what he was saying was good.

Then, just as quickly as he gained my confidence he turned on me. Not only did he turn on me but he did it violently.

So as we examine this lets keep in mind that the truth is that Kevin is a person. This is hard for me to do. Especially because of his own mental diagnosis his former friends have shared knowing because he has told them. To be honest I think how he’s been diagnosed is incorrect. For now I won’t get into that and will only say that I think he’s gotten the wrong diagnosis. I get this idea from what he showed me and from what he is saying in the audio friends have shared with me of his.

Kevin said to me after he did the bad thing, “girls get their hearts broken every day, so what makes you think you’re so special?”

Well the fact that I am alive today may not say much about how special I am but it does say a lot about my strength.

And I am not venturing into this realm because I want or need anything from Kevim. I began this blog to understand what was happening with Multicare in relationship to the pharmaceuticals and myself. Now it has morphed into this, about Kelli Stewart’s idea of helping rapists.

As it goes Kelli Stewart is a naive twit. However, because Kevin is speaking very publicly about his troubles (including his mental deviations, seemingly according to him pssttense) this seems like a good place to start seeing if this particular one can help us help him.

I am not setting my heart on it. I have no skin in the game. What I know I do from personal experience and by what was said on The Jerk blog about him and by what people who have been close to him have shared. And despite that currently he seems to think a lot of people are out to get him, I can attest to that I am not,nor is anyone that I know of out to get him.

We love Kevin.

We know it is hard being him.

We know this is not a game and it is serious.

For the praying people, whether he likes it or not please pray for Kevin.

Let all the demons be bound, rebuked and cast down to the feet of our Savior.

And please keep my safety in your prayers, too, that my listening to the very naive twit Kelli Stewart does not come back to bite me in the butt.

I don’t think it will because I was not the one to make it all public. Everything I refer to is public knowledge and public information.

Honestly I think Kevin wants help. And I think the diagnosis he has been given
was wrong. Also I don’t know if he’s ever been given psycho drugs either.

What I do know is that if Kevin would stop running from himself long enough to be honest with himself he is brilliant enough to come up
with and to write about for posterity answers to s lot of questions.

Because professional do understand the cause happened during the formative years outside the conscious memory. Also there may now be ways to dig that out too to look at.

I think Kevinis at a place in his life that he can turn it around. Because as far as I know he has not raped anyone before me. I cannot say what he has done since. In that regard too I will keep praying there are no others.

Dear Lord, let it be good news. Amen.

What Is Sexual?

The English dictionary says it is an adjective of, relating to, or associated with sex or the sexes.


Black’s Law didn’t have a definition.

A law site did and there were many definitions such as sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. I chose the definitions that apply from my own perspective even though this exercise is supposed to be from the perspective of what seemed to be what Kevin told Judge Kato. So I will post what I researched and because I just realized we should try to shift gears I’ll go back to see if I can find something from the violent perspective of a rapist. I don’t know if I can. It’s possible I’ll need to look at violent disorders then insert that. For now let me enter what was given on the law site I think applies.

1. Sexual Carnal. (n) from Latin carnalis for “fleshly” sexual intercourse.

2. Sexual Consent. (n) a voluntary agreement to another’s proposition

3. Sexual Crime Against Nature (n) sodomy

4. Sexual Date Rape (n) forcible sexual intercourse of a man to a woman

What Is Emotional?

The English dictionary says it is an adjective.
1. Of or relating to a person’s emotions.
2. Arousing or characterized by intense feeling.
3. (of a person) having feelings that are easily excited and openly displayed.


In Black’s Law Dictionart I only found two types of emotional related to a person.

the species of mental aberration produced by a violent excitement.

a claim due to negligence or intentional acts of another.