So What Happens When They Shoot A Bird?

If it survives it comes home to roost.

Don’t shoot the messenger.


I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

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Because I Tried Everything But They Would Not Listen.

“Judy Lee” <>
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Before you ruin someone’s life you might want to think beyond the egos and to about what you are doing.
Its taken me 11 years to prove to the public what you allowed to be done, all of you.  And so does the Governor now and many others know the truth.  Years ago I went to the Judicial oversight, too, of course only to learn they are political appointments.  That doesn’t change the facts, though, about the HIPAA violations and how Cheryl Comer lied, and about how Judge McCullough bullied me into saying I’d done something I’d already proven in his court through the testimony of Dr. Sargent Jr himself that I could not have done.  Capiche?
Laura Middaugh would not have stood for what McCullough’s court did!  He should be removed.
We’ve already found out through the death of Misty Upham and Becky’s brother Rick the police nor the Sheriff care, but I will continue reaching out until things are changed:
The Lord picked me because I’d lived among them for 25 years, so I had a good idea who they are.  It was the perfect storm, and your system has been being exposed by me for many years as I fought to survive.
I have an ax to grind.  I don’t hide it
Court: King Co Superior Ct
Case Number: 05-2-40794-8
What your system allowed to be done to me in beyond reprehensible.  You will answer for it too.  Because now everyone knows.  And its only because I’ve lived.
RIP Misty Upham
RIP Becky’s brother Rick
Cheryl Comer/Williams Kastner Law Firm. PLLC lied. That is fraud. No statutes apply when fraud has been places upon the courts.
Best regards,
Judy Lee
without prejudice
According the the court’s website the people and the Electoral is who the courts are supposed to answer to.   We shall see.  Above it the email I’ve sent to them. And it isn’t like McCullough’s bailiff and I did not have many conversations.  The court knew me so well that when I went down there in 2014 to talk with McCullough his bailiff met me at the courtroom door to block me from going in because she was warned ahead by the woman who I asked directions from (that was before they had up the directory.)   Katheryne, or however she spells her name, totally body blocked me from entering the courtroom to talk with him.    I have tried everything to make them see.
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Maybe Its A Sign Of The Times.

My friend said:  Yep, people are not my favorite beings right now. Think I’m ready to take a Facebook break!

SC said: Hate drama. I try to avoid it and stay out of it as much as possible! So I’m not on here much lol

KF said: But, i love you!

My friend said: Oh my goodness, I certainly wasn’t expecting all this! I love all of you guys, but man the rest of “civilization” needs some work! There is definitely some trimming of the fat that needs to happen in order to avoid precious time loss and precious energy being stolen by those whose souls are so buried they forget how to interact with any decency and me being super sensitized and reacting to even things my dear one do without realizing it by just being human. Thank you to all of you who get it and thank you for being so wonderful.

RK said: ..when depopulation starts to sound like a good plan..

My friend said: Right!!!

LG said: People have different opinions, ideas prospective outlook, just be who you are and stick on what you believe and don’t let other people’s behavior ruin your day.

My friend said:  Very true, although the way they ate expressed is more of a problem than the actual beliefs usually! Empathic,sensitive people like myself and some of my friends find it very very draining, but yes you are right and I’m still hoping to one day be able to shield myself sufficiently so that it bothers me less. I have made progress!

I said: Friend, its hard. That’s why I live in what I call Peter Pumpkin Eater’s pumpkin shell. Whatever it is only goes as far as the internet. People have become so uncouth and even violent in behavior I prefer no physical contact with any, and I cannot see that this feeling will go away. I’m just not equipped to deal with it anymore. If anything seeing through the internet how people have gotten tells me more and more I want my life to stay exactly as it has become. I guess I’m saying I think I understand your feelings.


I would not want to be a young person or a parent raising young people.  We think we know someone and can rely upon what we think is their character and then they shock us.  Over the internet I can handle it. In person, well we see what Dr. Sargent Jr. and even more what Kevin Boileau did to me.

And after someone I’ve known over the internet for quite a while suddenly sent me a picture of his penis, understanding nobody is perfect especially when they are drunk, handling it over the internet is one thing.  Handling it in person is not.  I’m not very tall, and I’m a gentle person.  Even, I told him last night this is the reason I live in a pumpkin shell.  I cannot even talk with a man without his getting boner.  I’m not sure why that is.  I talk far less sexy than many women do.  I talk about things that are not sexy at all, like last night I called him and spoke about correcting his gall bladder.  I wonder if he woke up today thinking, “Oh my God, I sent Judy a picture of my dick!”  You know?  Well I’ve posted on Facebook that somebody did.  What did I do to deserve that?  If people only understood how often women deal with this bullshit, they’d understand.  Even when someone is drunk is it appropriate to send a picture of his dick?

Maybe its a sign of the times.  I don’t know  I only know I’ve been dealing with it my whole life.

If I complained every time a man grabbed my teat or worse, I’d be complaining all of the time. Oh, wait, anymore I am.  Hum.

If I lost a male friend every time one made a revolting pass at me, I’d be complaining all of the time.  Oh, wait, anymore I am.

I mean my neighbors husbands were doing it too.  Is that my fault?

So do I keep friends and pretend to ignore it, or do I live in a pumpkin shell for the rest of my life?  I think I’ll live in a pumpkin shell and be glad at least Kevin Boileau was handsome and didn’t have any STDs.

Maybe my therapist at Valley Cities was right, while I showed her on paper who Kevin was, when she said I was lucky.

Last night after I laughed at my friend he said he understood why I do live in a pumpkin shell.

When I went to bed last night, after putting on the full armor of God’s, I feel asleep knowing that if anyone ever tries to touch me again I will slice them open from nuts for guts without a moment’s hesitation.

Do you readers understand now why I was trying to tell that stupid doctor to stop acting towards me and looking at me the way he was?  Things could have gotten a lot worse.  His fucking family and bitch wife ought to be thanking me. The stupid, arrogant ingrates.

Cutiepie didn’t want to sample Junior.  Capiche?


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Being Safe To Walk In The Sun Again, Without Fear.



Its exciting to me the AMA is advertising on my blog.

Its true there is such a thing as physician burn out because I remember one time when Dr. Sargent Jr. spent about 12 – 15 minutes babbling.  I mean, like not the normal babbling he does, but truly babbling.   He walked into the room and was babbling.  I didn’t even know what to think at first but after he kept it up a while I asked, “Dr. Sargent, hello, do you know what time it is?”  He just stared at me for a moment then he started babbling again.  After a while, I asked him again if he knew what time it was.  He stared at me again, so I asked, “The time?”  He looked at his watch, then at me, then at his watch again, the he said, “OH! OH!  OH!”  I said, “Yah!”  Then he was fine.

I’d had that happen to me in 1993 when my employer had me handling 125 files to my special co worker’s 10.  I remember the President came up to ask me how the hike had been to Monte Cristo and I was so overwhelmed by work that I started babbling like Dr. Sargent was.  It was funny because he just looked at me, said, “Uh okay”, and walked away.  Hahaha!

I almost got like that some years later when I was handling at BECU credit union about 100 to a special co-worker’s 1.    Except by that time I was experienced so when the acting manager brought me one more file I stood up and told her to take her file to give it to special girl or I’d punch her in her face.  She puffed her chest out and acted like she was up for the challenge.  Then I guess she decided I really would and she wasn’t up for it, after all.  Holding her file she turned on her heel  and walked off.  Smart woman.

If you’ve never had that kind of burn out, you’re not working hard enough, right?

Anyway, that’s how it can be.  It’s what happens when money means more than our health and sanity.

So I’m glad to see the AMA is advertising here for the doctor’s about burnout.

I wonder what the old man’s excuse was?

Burnout too?

Okay, they kill people because they are burnt out.

As good excuse as any, I guess.

And the cops don’t take reports because they are burnt out.

And so on……

As for me, its good being safe to walk in the sun again, without fear.


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I Didn’t Deserve What They Did.

No patient does.

And do you know what?

I think somebody was giving some kind of prescription drugs to Kevin Boileau, too.

Because now I’ve read about what they make men act like.

I’m not making excuses for him.

But look how they had me doing. And look at how they made Lisa Nowak.  And so many others.  All of the mass killings have been done by people on those drugs!

All I can say is that Kevin was over the top, and those drugs are the portals to Lucifer to do just that.

Only someone who has known him for a long time would know if he’s been being given drugs.

Only someone who has known him for a long time would know if he’s done before what he’d done to me.

But, as for the doctor and his father, they have a history and a pattern of doing this to patients.

We already know this is true.

So how do we make the doctors Stop this?

Lawyers giving it a stamp of approval or not, its a crime.

I don’t know what else to do but to keep blogging until I wear myself out.

This is where Dr. Sargent Jr. went to work after he left Multicare, and just look!


BREAKING: Highline Medical Center in Burien is in lockdown. A man with mental illness is on the roof. There is NO active shooter.



An Invitation Into Porn?



Its just not my style.

I’m sexy on my own.

No preservative or additives needed.

I have to admit, though, while reclining back to take a drag off the cigar, thinking about that when last night a friend sent me a picture of his dick Nazarita Goldhammer came to mind.

I remember one time when I sent Kevin a picture of me that he started getting upset over, I guess he thought I was getting ready to send him porn.  I mean, I didn’t send porn because like I’ve said, that’s not my style.  I’m sexy enough just being a good and strong matriarch.  I don’t need to do that shit.

How does that old song go?  I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, too sexy?

Kind of like that.

I know, I know…but don’t hate me because I’m sexy.   Don’t hate me because I don’t need to swing half naked is some adult bar in Seattle. Don’t hate me because I don’t need to go to some private club there either to slobber and to let slobber rich men all over me.

Really.  I don’t need to do that.  And I know some people do.  But they’re whores.  Whatever.  I’m not.  And men can be whores, too, not just women.

Well, so I sent a picture to Kevin that I guess he thought I was going to follow up with a pic of my breasts or vagina like my friend last night sent me a picture of his dick.

Well he didn’t need to worry about that.

It just isn’t my style.

That’s why he had to rape me, I guess.

And, legally, I guess rape is a relationship.

Yep, kids, we’re seeing Sodom and Gomorrah unfolding right in front of our eyes.

As for me, I think I’ll stick to panning for gold and I’ll leave talking about sucking dicks to Nazarita.  Maybe I ought to give her number to my friend.  Oh, wait, I don’t have it.  But I’m sure its on the internet somewhere.

I’ll send him her pic.  She’s pretty old and looks kind of worn and haggard but she might still work.  But, know, this pic was from a few years ago.  That’s the thing about public media.  Its public.


If you stop by here to my blog, remember sending your restraining order to my employer Nazarita?  Remember making a false police report, too?

This isn’t 1940, and Boileau isn’t Sartre.

What is the definition of a whore?



  1. 1.
    a prostitute.
  1. 1.
    (of a woman) work as a prostitute.
    “she spent her life whoring for dangerous men”
    synonyms: work as a prostitute, sell one’s body, sell oneself, be on the streets

    “she spent her life whoring”