Cowardly, shitty, greedy people.

There is a song by U2, Stuck In A Moment. In my situation it has not been me stuck in the moment, but it has been a family and a network of people. For ten years, primarily spent by me trying to recover on my own, I’ve been trying to recover from their medical malpractice. But this group of people will not allow it and they have harassed me and they have terrorized me.  Nonetheless I need to and will continue fighting for wellness and to have positive closure. It is their reluctance to give me space to make this happen that has been the problem. It is very odd to have people pretending that they are ‘helping’ who indeed are not. These are people without decency, because they know what they have done is wrong. But by skirting it, lurking in the shadows instead of being forthright, they don’t have to face who they really are and that really they are just a family and a network of being a bunch of cowardly, shitty, greedy people. They have been attempting to re-write my story, but that word has already gotten out and now truly decent and intelligent people are letting me know they know.   Now I can write the story through my own eyes.

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