Taking it forward in poverty. Forgive them? That’s not my job.

Adding to the my blog site and I don’t think I can be stopped since it is mostly public records, except for the 35 or so exhibits of mine which the courts destroyed before putting them on fiche.  I though they would put them on fiche before they destroyed them.  One exhibit was the long list of mind benders the doctor prescribed from October 2004 until my Ambien break down in February 2005.  Another exhibit was maps and photos etc showing that I could not have surrounded and blocked the medical doctor the way that they said I did.  I knew had lost and that they were not going to help me from what they did, so I had to disclose as much to the public that I could.  As I said, it was all destroyed, and for me it took place ten years ago.  I could not keep all of that paperwork with everything else I have been struggling with trying ot ignore them and what they were doing to me which included hacking my computers and illegally entering my home to leave a note behind for me.  Now the pharmacies no long keep record of the drugs we are given beyond about a year.  This helps erase what they do to us, their experiments they perform on us with their mind benders.  I will publicly began displaying evidence, since the police have not done anything with it and have even expressed their enamor for the doctors.forgive

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