….this has been added for purpose and due to the formerly ignored legal protection that should have been given consideration, but so obviously was not.  The names given here are true, and so is this story.  Enough is public information in order to evidence the facts, as well as is the story of my recovery.  I was not ever suicidal, NOT EVER, until November 2012, after having my life and ability to provide for myself destroyed.  Dr. Robert Taylor Sargent, Jr. and his legal team are liars.  They know that they are liars.  They are even proud that they are liars.  I am also protected by my right to freely speak, and I am speaking my truth.  I am not slandering anyone.  I am telling my story.  And my story is real. I hope my story helps you or one of your loved ones to survive too.  If you or one of your loved ones is being railroaded and slandered by a western medical doctor, a psychiatrist, or a mental health therapist, get on Facebook and start crying out for help.  Help is there.  Facebook is where I found my help. God bless.  Sincerely, Judy Lee

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