Buspar, Paxil, Vioxx, Ambien, Ativan, Seroquel, Lithium Carbonate, And More, Oh My!

Coming:  Descriptions of these prescription drugs.  Between the Vioxx and the Ambien three or four other drugs were given to me by Dr. Sargent Jr.  I gave that list (received from the dispensing pharmacy, Rite Aide) to the courts, and the courts destroyed it.  Later I tried to get another list from the pharmacy but they said their records are only kept for about one year, so mine were no longer in their system.  The Vioxx was given to me in the form of physician handouts.  I don’t remember the reason he gave me those.

As I begin posting the information on these drugs I want to draw the reader’s attention to the list of drugs “they” reported Misty Upham had.

Also I want to draw to the reader’s attention the negative implication of its being said or inferred we, the patients, are prescription addicted.

I want to draw to the reader’s attention to what the purpose of the drugs I was being given are (were.)  And maybe this should be looked at about the list of drugs it was said years later was being given to Misty.

And, finally, I want the reader to consider the warnings.  Particularly the warnings of Ambien’s, that instructs us to tell our doctors if we are experiencing the negative side effects.   Its not my intention to think for the reader.  Its only my intent to suggest considering the rationality of someone experiencing those symptoms, and whether or not a competent physician who knows the patient would or should recognize any of those symptoms or changes in a patient if the patient was explicitly describing them to him.  I would like the reader to consider that while the patient is overtly experiencing negative effects as they are described warnings, under those conditions who should be the more responsive party?  The doctor, or the patient who is suffering those effects?

What I am doing now is rebuilding what I was researching and providing to the courts during early 2006 for Multicare vs Judy Lee some of those 35+ exhibits I gave them (that William Kastner Law Firm may still have in their possession.)

Also I’m integrating with this what I now know, with the information that came by additional events terrible events of Lisa Nowak, Misty Upham, Rick, which has that kept me focused, albeit muddled, on that I was not alone and about what was going on with the prescription practices.

As I proceed telling a) what the doctor’s group was doing to me in their mind fucking I will also attempt to find and recreate what I was pulling back then from the internet obout Dr. Sargent Jr.’s father’s crony network’s practice on people trapped in Western State Jail/Hospital who were trying to get away from their pharmaceutical experimentation.

For now, if you would like to know more about Misty, I’ll include the links.  The commonalities between Misty and I is Multicare, Valley Cities in Auburn, Washington, and local law enforcement that was not willing to take seriously anything we reported.

At this moment I am calm, but I am also praying they don’t have me killed or cause something terrible to happen around me so that I cannot finish what I’ve set out to do.  Which is to expose them as the murderers they are.

These two articles have been buried in the search engines.  At the time there was another, which included a statement from Multicare.  I cannot find that one.  But here are the two that caught my attention, by the grace of God.



I’d like to remind the reader that when he admitted me into St. Josephs’ psych ward Dr. Sargent Jr. reported it was because I was suicidal.  I am going to repeat here that was a flat out lie.  I was not ever fearful about somehow hurting myself, or about being alone or harmed until I received the Multicare vs Judy Lee documents in December 2005.

After I pulled myself together I did not ever have another feeling that I would harm myself until November 2012, after 13 years of hell watching my entire life’s accomplishments destroyed.  At that time I was on Ativan, and I was on Ativan from mid 2006 until being admitted into Fairfax Hospital in November 2012 when finally I did try to commit suicide.  At Fairfax they didn’t know if I was a drug addict, an alcoholic or if the lie was true that I was bi polar.

Fairfax approached it that I was bi polar, so they began “treating” me with Seroquel and something else, that I don’t remember now, which had me crawling out of my skin too.    The doctor at Fairfax, when I reported to him his prescriptions were not compatible, offered prescription lithium carbonate with a warning that could cause kidney damage.  He told me, though that lithium had proven to be the best “drug” for controlling bi polar.

Within about 2 months the lithium carbonate began having a negative impact on my kidneys, so that my then newest doctor told me very soon I would probably be needing to go into dialysis.  I did not want that so I researched lithium to find an over the counter tablet that was superior to what was being prescribed. When I showed the doctor he told me, “Yah but I can’t prescribe that.”  I asked if he saw anything wrong with it that would cause me harm.  He said no.  I also asked the pharmacist the same thing. She said she can’t dispense it because its over the counter. To which I said yes I know.  I only want to know from her scientific education does she see anything in the lower dosage over the counter lithium that would harm me.  She said no.  So I began administering to myself.

Today I don’t need the lithium.  I am prescription free and I have been so for more than 3 years.

I am not on dialysis either, although my kidneys no longer function at their optimum.  When physically they indicate problems I treat them naturally and organically.

The next chapters will be on each prescription drug I’ve listed.  On your own you might want to check the ones they were dumping into Misty.  Rick, who killed himself, was being given Ambien.

If things go well I will be able to pull other depositions from people Dr. Sargent Sr. was experimenting on.  I know what I’d given to the courts was taken down from the internet, or at least buried.  If its there I will find it.  If its not there I will dig up from the courts more.

When first I got onto social media most people didn’t know what to think of me.  Some ran away believing I am the problem.  I’m not.  Thank you for sticking with me.

PS:  Something that has been brought up by my friend that I should share is that Dr. Sargent Jr. is a general practice physician.  He was not a psychiatrist.  His father was a psychiatrist who worked for the State and also I believe he had a private practice.

Also I am not going back to correct it but finding my little coloring book from the time, I see the institution I was sent to from St. Joseph was Puget Sound Crisis Center not Pierce County Crisis Center as I’d reported it in the earlier chapters.  Like I’ve said, I’m not going back to correct that right now.  Its not a priority.

I believe Dr. Sargent Sr. was a part owner of Pierce County Crisis Center, or at least on their Board of Directors.

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  1. Judy, please add me until fb prison is over 30 days from now, as Krevin Doramand. I cannot find you to fr you, but I didn’t want you thinking I just vanished,
    PS: Zucced means some a hole reported me for “violating” terms and conditions. The post they reported was a “share from a year ago” post I didn’t even share!
    -Kevin Drummond

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