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An Applicable Mantra Might Be “Never Interrupt Another’s Recovery!”

I’m never sure if the dilemma is made clear, although people do say what I write is clear. But like the chapter about my former best friend Barbara I’m not sure iris clear her dilemma was her belief that all doctors are good, caring people and that her long time associates would not spread untruths to her about me (her dear friend and helper in every community project of hers). Barbara was transparent, forthright and honest and she expected for the good of all that we did together everyone else was too. When the infiltration occurred it was slowly seeping in and over time, I think it was in early 2009, the opinion of the doctor’s could be observed in nearly every relationship I had once enjoyed. The mention of the word cougar, and an old lady saying she’s almost afraid to use the word in my presence was more than just a reference to my sensitivity. Because in truth nobody was being sensitive. Not even Barbara. She was hearing from the doctor’s “side” I was harassing him when in reality it was just the opposite. But the doctor is always right. And quite frankly I usually brushed it off. I mean, what else could I do but ignore it.

I am revisiting the friendship of Barbara’s because I don’t go back to re read what I’ve already written and am not quite sure I made the dilemma of hers clear. I am sure it was hard for her because I am sure she loved me and enjoyed my company as much as I did. There was nothing I could say though to make her understand the doctor’s family was toying with me. And to steal the term a friend used today who has been through it too, she referred to it as a game of cat and mouse. The sociopath/predator is the cat and their targeted toy is the mouse. The problem with this game when it is with sociopaths is that even when the mouse has become exhausted the cat will not let it go. Except I am not talking about a cat and a mouse. I am talking about predatory people or a predatory person who will consider almost anything about someone else an affront so they have an excuse to kill the unsuspecting other person.

A good example of this type would in my opinion be William Fulton who is a lying, cheating FBI informant who said in a group that he hated the little tweed hat my friend Schaeffer Cox wore, and he laughed about it. Well, considering my friend Schaeffer Cox is setting in the CMU in Marion, Illinois for 25 years for something he did not do and that is because of a sociopath who coveys to others he is an American patriot when he is far from it, from this example you can see how very little it takes to affront a sociopaths sensitivities so that even a half intelligent one like William Fulton is able to do irreversible damage to someone. Furthermore, and quite sadly, Fulton has written a book and I have heard he is participating in some reality show b.s., and basically making money off his setting up Schaeffer. It kind of seems from conversations Fulton has had with me, as well as conversations others who were around at the time it all went down, it is altogether possible Fulton dreamed up his diabolical construct just in order to do what he is. Which is turning his predatory actions into a living. Kind of sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well it’s not a new idea, it just keeps having new faces put to it,

The reason I became interested in the matter of Schaeffer’s is because right away in his story I saw that he had been targeted. And for what it’s worth the intention was, with the help of the FBI, to murder him. Because there were informants around its all on video and audio that was not easy for super sleuths to obtain. Most of it can be seen on YouTube where Rudy Davis has done a great job at loanstar1776. From it all now from a prison cell Schaeffer is fighting through the process of proving the withholding of exculpatory evidence by a corrupted DOJ that would have exonerated him to begin with. But remember, the initial intent was to kill Schaeffer in much the same way the very innocent Lavoy Finicum was gunned down by the FBI on the road to John Day, Oregon where Lavoy was on his way to a meeting scheduled with the Sheriff. Mrs Finicum is suing the government for $78,000,000 and who do you think is going to pay for that? Not the government employees, although hopefully Jeannette will make sure many get fired.

Lavoy had been seeking help from predators in much the same way Schaeffer Cox sought help and protection for his family but did not receive it at Ft. Wainwright, Alaksa.
The fact that America has become an apathetic, sociopathic society is real. How we deal with it is going to be a long arduous process because the corporate government is riddled with them as employees and so is the private sector too. Even worse the Military is churning out obedient nationalists as fast as their generals can leave many traumatized veterans drugged on expensive prescriptions, paid for by we the people, while they are left to live under bridges and in the gutters all around the country to die.

The irony Kevin and Nazarita are talking about the violence cannot be lost. Are they trying to cure themselves? Well we know most who go into the psycho analysis field is for trying to fix themselves. Yet there remains the irony.
And far be it from me to want to interrupt the recovery of a sociopath.

However, i am going to remind the reader that I did not invite any of what was done to me, and also I was not the one who has lied and made distortions, and I was not the one who first took the matter into the public.

The ones who “started it” I suppose openly and flagrantly violated the HIPPA Rights of mine expecting through humiliation I would take it and go die. Except I didn’t. I was confused from the drugs and already suffering from the afflictions and inflictions that not one single person actually stooped down to help me, to take a moment during my hysteria to comfort me and to remind me of who I am. And that was only done this past December by my friend Lazaro. So for all this time nobody has done for me the real human kindness that every person should be shown. Laz changed my life through about 30 seconds of caring by showing me who I am.

So all got done to me Governor Inslee can choose to ignore, just like the Kent cops chose to ignore by not taking reports that did not serve their own purpose, and Cheryl Comer and even Leroy McCullough from his bench, they can all ignore me to pretend they are good when they are not. Bob, his old man and relative CEO, and their respective spouses can all pretend they were just following the rules when in reality they were not. They can believe that caring isn’t their jobs too. But, except for Comer at the time, that is
not true. It was theirs jobs. His pawing my wedding band on my finger was not Bob’s job. His job was to care about treating me. And my marriage was not the problem. I was not Christine Munroe, his needy medical assistant, he was talking to. I was the patient whose mind he blew with his drugs and the patient who he tried to deflect through any way he could that fact. It was his job to help me, but he chose the low road instead that his dad taught him to take with the underclass. The blood of the people are in their hands.

Then there is Kevin Boileau who said we were in a relationship he did not want to pursue. Well he took that public too. And guess what? Everyone has been saying all along we had a relationship. And now it seems we do. I don’t think it is the relationship he planned when he first considered his good luck. This relationship has taken an unexpected turn. Because now it is MY idea of what is a relationship, not his. Now it’s MY story.

Historically, like happened to Rick and Misty, we end up dying. I was supposed to die too, and there is no disputing this.

And now that the public is developing the voices to speak the truth far be it from me to interrupt someone’s recovery. And I am especially glad Kevin started out his yesterdays blog telling that he is a man of faith. Because a lot of these people like Kevin are going to need it when they see what’s coming down the road to test it. If we are lucky some will go to prison while we set free the ones there who are innocent.

To be continued……….

I Had A Best Friend Named Barbara Muczinski

I loved her very much. She is the woman from church I volunteered with at the Thrift Shop and we became very close. Barb is the person who out of the blue I walked up to and told her that I was afraid because I didn’t think I was going to make it. I’m assuming that happened some time in 2006. Barbara and I became very close. We probably spent 3 or 4 evenings together throughout 2006 and 2007. I was one of her trusted and reliable go to girls for help with all of the fundraisers she was involved in. We lost friends, like my neighbor Catherine Bigford, who gave me away to Christ in my baptism, from cancer.
Barbara was the Morher of a medical doctor. A kidney specialist who was about the same age as me, at the time. God incarnate as a woman…wink wink. Barbara adored her daughter.
I looked at Barbara like one would a delightful aunt. She was awesome.
But it came to be that we had a falling out that seemed to set the whole little group into an uproar for a bit about how I could be so callous. Funny I had heard too many times a rich jealous old biddie say snippy things to Barbara without a peep getting said in reprimand. But I think the reason for Barbara’s and my falling out was more troublesome to the little group because of what it was over. It shook their status quo, their little pecking order or hierarchy, I suppose.
And it was caused because what was being said into her ear from some of the peripheral clicks, like the ones who volunteer worked with us on some projects but were from other churches in Des Moines and Auburn, who were also related to medical doctors in the area. Talking about what was going on with the doctor was not something I did because I really wasn’t knowledgeable about psychological war or gas lighting, and by this time I was on the Ativan so confused by it all that I would not have even had the words to express it. Finding the words took years. So as it was I was dealing with my confusion while trying to continue recovering from the Ambien. I was not gainfully employed from July 2004, after the wreck, until I got hired at Loan Services around August or September of 2006. Even at that I was only half ass working because I still wasn’t confident with my thinking ever since the Ambien. So I continued the heavy volunteer schedule with Barbara pretty much giving me direction. But the old ladies were chewing on her ears so that she would inquire from me about what was going on. Because I really didn’t understand myself I could only tell her the facts as they were. The doctor took me to court, etc. And it would always come to be that Barbara would ask me why I don’t just leave the doctor alone. She had no concept that it wasn’t me not leaving the doctor alone but it was the doctor (or what seemed to be the doctor) not leaving ME alone.
Originally in our friendship this was not ever a topic. But as the attack on me intensified through the old ladies and through my neighbor’s who had suddenly gotten buddy buddy with the Multucare’s and doctor’s group it all started coming down on me. And that is how the operation of taking one out goes down. It’s a friendly infiltration. A well meaning appearance that a lot of the players have played out before. I could not understand why a person who had gotten a restraining order against me was taking so much time and effort to be known in my life. It was upsetting, confusing and it was hampering my progress towards recovering so that finally I told Barbara that we cannot be friends anymore. She was aghast and hurt, and it hurt me too. I told her why, because I had the utmost respect for her and for what our friendship had meant to me. It hurt me to have to let her go. And, apparently she was as distraught as I was, because neighbor Lexie stormed over to tell me off and she told me everyone knows how I had hurt Barb and everyone was mad at me. So that is how it went. Barbara nor any of them were willing to see my side of it. And that is how it goes that they are able to ruin our lives. I became scorned because I could not tolerate being subjected to what they were doing to me. They were spreading that I was hot for this married doctor and that I would not stay away from him. I can tell you that such a thing going around spreading among the old ladies who are all relations of theirs does not set well with them. Terrible things were being said within my earshot. It got to be so bad that I quit volunteering and at least having the confidence is gained working the Thrift Shop register and handling correctly all the banking transactions involved I felt good I was ready to get back to work anyway. But from that time period losing that friendship with Barbara hurt the most. Some time later we rekindled it so that we saw one another a few more times but by then Kevin was duplicating the experience with me so that his wife, or so he said, could write a book. It was not a coincidence what Kevin did. I think the only thing that blew his mind was how I dealt with it. I have always been sure he realized I was not who they said I was. And if he can be believed then it’s possible he is having remorseful thoughts. But that is hard to say because one of his former friends has warned that he is a pathological liar, too.
Either way, I lost a great friend in the same way I lost my family. It was that believing the truth was just too much for them to do so it was easier putting the blame onto me. I didn’t deserve any of it. And I don’t tell this story for people to feel sorry for me or to play the role of the victim the way Kevin has tried to apathetically assert is what I do. I tell the story so that people know. I tell it because I am not a victim but a survivor. And I tell it so if it happens to them people will know. And maybe knowing they will survive too. Yes many doctors will take people out before accepting liability. The whole team falls into line to get that ball rolling. The wives lead the pack. I know this because one of my clients used to be on a medical board and she told me she’d had to set and listen to a doctor and his wife bullshitting the board. She also told me how when the wives show up at the office the medical assistant will accidentally leave open the file of the problem patient for the wife to take down the information.
I have learned a lot firsthand and through the grapevine these years about just how low they will go. I really don’t think my friend Barbara understood. She was torn because her daughter is a doctor. I understood. 😥

When Privacy Settings Are An Option:

It is freaky being on the internet where the ones who did this to me are, too.

By the time the doctor’s group found me here the cat was already out of the bag, so to speak.  Enough people were around me curious about what was going on.  Oftentimes I wonder if Misty would have gotten onto the Internet if she would have found some of my posts about Muktucare and the cops to see she was not alone. I was running crying for help on the Internet the way Misty was running crying through the woods of the Muckleshoots Reservation only to tumble down theWhite River ravine in Enumclaw, Washington.  If she would have gotten on the Internet maybe we could have saved one another.  And now I have learned Misty was raped too.  Is that the modus operandi? Drug us, horrify us, rape us and get us running for our lives while the public and private sector spies watch from their computers munching down burgers and waiting their turn like a 4th or 5th string gang rapist?  It is what they used to do.  Probably it’s still what they do.   They know. I know they know.

But there I was, and here I have been while my doctors network was destroying me.  And then there was Kevin.  Kevin the Ethics professor, BPI Ethical Lending CEO, J D, psycho analytical disaster that was tossed into the middle of what for me was already an emotional and drug induced Molotov cocktail.

He split me open like a can of sardines for what he told me was his getting to my core to help. There was no way I could stop him. I told him to stop, but nobody listens.  Just like I told Dr Robert Sargent Jr to stop when he was swirling the wedding band on my finger with his fingers.  He had no right.  Nobody listens to me until I get hysterical.  I don’t know why that is.  There is nothing wrong with my communication skills!  Yet there I was, set up by the crony group, with Kevin to do me in.  And he did.

In my life I have met selfish oblivious men, men with a lot of baggage, and immature men but to my knowledge I have never met a man who kills people.  Now I know two.  One I have not met face to face because he is a coward.  (See the chapter on Male Vagina Personality Disorder.)  That would be Robert Sargent Sr.  Instead of going face to face the vagina man used his friends and associates to harass and to torment me, the former patient of his chip off the old block son Jr.

But then there was Kevin.  The Ethics professor, BPI Consulting Ethical Lending CEO, J D, psycho the rapist who told me he could not believe his good luck when he’d received the email I send that I had questions from class.  At least Kevin has the guts to do his killing face to face, you know?  He knows he killed me.  I told him he did.  He did it on purpose.  He was looking to make money.  He has made money.  So I guess it goes without saying in all of my life I have never knowingly met a man as fucked up as Kevin.  To say he is a beautiful disaster is a gross understatement.  He crawled into what he called my core, got his head in there and just started throwing parts of me all over the place.  And all of his work was being done from being fed lies and from his own projecting and there was nothing I could do to stop him.  Just like Dr Sargent’s father,  Kevin was out to get me.

i don’t know what I did to either of those men to deserve what they have done to me.  I have spent years pretty much in hiding trying to figure it out so that I don’t do it again and because I am afraid.  Because in truth I did not do anything to deserve what they did to me.  I was their whipping post. I was the target for the hate they have in themselves.  For Dr Sargent and his dad it’s probably because they are male vagina stuck with wives who are female dicks.  I’ve seen those kinds of marriages before. It happens a lot with doctors whose wives are more interested in the influence, prestige and money.

Then there is Kevin.  Cynthia Sobey implied he is a male vagina who cowers at a strong woman such as herself but bullies a weak woman such as I guess I am.  I don’t think I am weak though. I think I am pretty strong in my own way.  I’m not a dick woman and I’m not a bitch either.  I’m a nice woman, and I consider this my strength.   It’s always been why people have liked working with me.  I am a good listener too.

So now Kevin is publicly on  EPIS blog talk talking.  Well he promised me we would talk.  And even though he isn’t talking to me I am listening.  I wasn’t listening but once before I did a while back.  Now because a friend has shared with me I am listening more.

I am listening for the same reason I kept crying out to begin with.  Like anybody would, I want an answer.  I listened but I did not believe when all the professionals told me this with Kevin was random violence and not connected to the doctors crony group.  I still believe it was connected.

But as it was there was this beautiful man in pursuit of me at the wrong time.  Then after making a yard sale out of my “core”, he traipsed off with his little restraining order filled with 3/4 lies leaving me sicker then the day he walked in.

In the past I had seen something similar in a 3 year old I cared about.  She came to spend 3 weeks at our houses.  We were in a position to make it a great time for her and we did.  She was happy, loving and was kept in touch with her family so that she would not feel abandoned.  Suddenly she changed.  Suddenly she started hitting us. Suddenly she would not talk and became sullen.  The more we tried to console her the further she went from us. There was nothing we could do.  She did not want to be loved by us.   We took her home confused about what happened. I started researching to discover she had abandonment issues.  It wasn’t that she didn’t want us to love her, it was that she did not want to love us.  It’s called Separation Anxiety.  Knowing her past then I understood.  Understanding is all we want.

So now maybe in this stuation with Kevin rape is a relationship.  Because I really don’t think I have met anyone wanting to be known and understood as badly as Kevin does.  He talked a lot to me.  Some of what he said was horrifying.

Now he is on EPIS blog talk repenting.  Is it true? There are good indicators it could be.

I really like that he is listening to Nazarita.  I wish he would turn off the mic and blow his nose so the audio sounds more professional, and I wish he would do something to stop the background noise when Nazarita is talking.  Because I think what she is saying may be helpful for sociopaths.  Especially about self reflection, and about your going to your rooms to mediate and to consider, that is what the good book tells us to do if we want to talk with God.  It tells us to not be like the hypocrites who go in front of everyone to pray but to pray in your rooms and that is where he will meet you.

I think it would be good if EPIS did a segment on restitution.  Because all men of true faith know there are 3 Rs to salvation.

1.  Accept Respinsibility

2.  Sincerely Repent (our souls and God knows)

3.  Offer restitution (if it still is possible)

i hope the best for Kevin because, as we know, what he is dealing with is from something that was done to him from a time he cannot even remember.  We cannot know what that is and probably neither can he.  He only knows that whatever it was has made a disaster of his ability to connect.  And to anyone with a heart we know that must be terrible.

Let us pray for Kevin and for all people who use innocent others as their whipping posts.

I do not regret any of how I have dealt with this entire situation.  If anything I am proud that I stayed standing, even ad they beat me to s crawl.  And they have done that.

Multicare took my patients rights and pissed all over them because Bob Sargent is an egotistical self centered and stupid little prick. Then the bitch he was groping in the parking lot that night had the audacity to write a deposition stating that I don’t follow the rules. So I guess helping a doctor violate a patient IS? And I guess groping a that same married doctor in the parking lot IS following the rules?

You see, even though they threw Kevin into the middle it always comes back to that Doctor and his drugs. And then what his psycho old man did to me because he and his family are a bunch of quacks who run a quack operation but have the whole field of quacks and politicians against us for them.

Anyway Kevin mentioned his having changed over the past 10 years. I don’t know why he focused on 10 years but that is how long ago it was since he raped me. Maybe that shook him up and he is turning it to good for himself. But look what that did to me! I am not the same person I was either because now I am in poverty. Because of all of these self hateful and self projecting violent kooks drugged me, made me lose my marriage, my assets, my career, my home and my retirement nest egg. My God, I was in and out of the hospital and psych wards more time than I have fingers and toes! I was lied about, slandered, had my locked home illegally entered, had my possessions stolen, got cancer, became a drunk, was facing 4 years in jail by Kevin who sofomized me and the lying Nazarita, and because I couldn’t take it anymore I finally tried twice to kill myself hoping to overdose from the Ativan. I lost the family I loved, my sons inheritance was taken, and nobody, not even the cops or the mayor who I went to for help gave a damn! And now they traipse off to go find THEMSELVES from it all. Well I hope they all do because the cocksuckers need to make amends to me. The least Kevin could do is to help me sue those fraud pieces of shit Sargents and that judge too from here to Kingdom come. After all, he is the bad ass rad ref JD right? Let him show what he can do.

Now I Won’t Stop Writing Until The Whole World Knows

Multicare, Robert Taylor Sargent Sr., Robert Taylor Sargent Jr., Diane Cecchitini and their families are frauds and murderers.

Judge Leroy McCullough is a fraud and a derelict.

Williams Kastner Lawfirm and Cheryl Comer are frauds.

The Judicial Oversight Committee in Washington State is derelict and a racket.

No the court has not responded to my request for the recordings, just the same as they refused is 2013 & 2014 to respond. I know for a fact there was recordings because I was asked if I wanted it recorded and I saw the hearings being recorded too.

So What Did The Old Man Teach Me?

It’s a good question, being we can be sure having Mr Peterson hack my computer to insert into the fields Cutiepie Sample Sr, with my old on fe at Multicare address, my old on file at Multicare phone number, and then just for giggles making Cutipie’s birthday in that field April 1st, which is April Fool’s Day. Very clever. And very curious too, to any target, to come one whose mind has been spent by mind drugs and with coping skills destroyed by over 19 days without sleep from the negative reaction to Ambien. Should we assume old Pops Sr. did not know any of these things about me because maybe Bob Jr. nor relative CEO Fiane didn’t tell him that part? Well considering where St Joseph Hospital sent me and how they treated me in December 2005 when I took myself there while having a meltdown over just having received a court summons by Multicare covertly served upon me by my next door neighbor who whose family had become buddy buddy with them all I would have to say Pops Sr. was very well informed of my true condition. Yet from his co conspirator’s hack it appears Pops Sr. was challenging Cutiepie (me). And I do not think the intention of that hack sent in Dec 2006 or Jan 2007 as being menacing is any stretch of my imagination. And really, considering all the gas lighting suddenly going on around me which was much more than just reindeer games, that hack was actually a very clear threat.

I really didn’t know what to think of it because, like I have said, nobody I asked understood how information not entered by the user could be installed. We did not know of nor understand hacking and even neither did our I T person. So really being hacked in the way I was being was part of the mind fucking they were orchestrating against me. Well no duh right?

Yes it freaked me out. It was meant to freak me out just like Frank’s gas lighting me was meant to freak me out. The hack was Pops declaration of war. And as we look at it inasmuch as Pops, Bob Jr, and perhaps relative CEO Diane tried to assert along the way their greater knowledge or greater purpose it remains to be seen. That elusive knowledge or purpose was and remains after 12 years as mysterious to their target and to all other critical thinkers as the reality of how far they will go to cover up becomes revealed.

And, really, it doesn’t matter who at my insurance company or at the government played along. Well, I take that back because that does too matter. However, it was not the insurance company spies or the government spies either who lied in the medical notes about why Bob Jr was sending me in Feb 2005 to the psych ward. That was Bob Jr. who did that. And it was not the insurance company spies nor the government spies who sent notes to my attorney Jerry McKay that stated I was diagnosed by Bob Jr. as being bi polar. When sometime in 2006 Jerry showed me that I really do not think he made it up. And when Mr Peterson started hacking my home and work computers in 2007 doing that was not a way to let me know they were my friends. Although I have to say that because of my nature I do kind to believe people are being good above that they are actung evil. This is true of me today and even though people continue to show me they prefer playing reindeer games to pass away the time. Bu what was being done to me was not just reindeer games. What they did was a manipulated PsyOp and diversion event by Pops to cover up Bob Jr. and relative CEO Diane’s medical malpractice against me. And that went on against me for years until they had me pounded into the dirt. Their plan was that I would end up another skeleton among the heap of others they kill either by hanging ourselves in a noose, running the exhaust pipe into our running car, or by running stumbling into the woods to get away from them to tripping down for falling into the ravine. They do not care exactly how it happens to us. They only need to make it appear to be our faults so that the Governors office, the attorney generals, the judges and, the mayors, the cops, the board, Wall Street, insurance companies and all the other crony beneficiaries do not have to deal with the problems. They will spin it so it morphs into something it isn’t so that they don’t have to change themselves.

So what did Pops teach me? He taught me just how low he and his family will go to not have to accept responsibility. And they have shown me just how low others will also go with them.

It was Mr Peterson who in 2009 told me it had been him hacking me. And it was Mr Peterson who did business with me in 2009 then upon conclusion sent me and the bak dozens of cancellation letters mocking that I write the way I do. I suppose they were surprised that I was still alive after what they had EPIS/Boileau Conflict Solutions do to me. I suppose that I was is why they targeted taking out my income. I’m sure they know that for a professional is the kiss of death. But fearing losing it is not an excuse for what Pops, Bob Jr or the relative CEO Diane does.

No the Governor’s office never did respond back.

Next we will be delving into healing, and going over the time it takes,