Month: February 2018

How Serious Is It?

Considering Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband were murdered because she (they) were uncovering corruption of child drugging and trafficking I’d have to say what’s going on here with me is pretty serious too.

Yes, the doctor’s old man worked for decades at the Washington State owned and DSHS operated Western State Hospital/Jail in Steilcoom, Washington.  Yes, while he was there he and his cronies fine tuned discrediting any complaints made against their practices by trapped people trying to get away from them.  And that fact was in the deposition I filed in the group of at least 35 exhibits I gave to Cheryl Comer and the courts.  When the clerk told me the originals I left with her could be destroyed it never occurred to me that would happen without their being put on microfiche like everything else.  I know its a practice that the courts can perform, but why would they have such a practice?  Its not unlike the practice of judges putting in pleas for “defendants”, and that is a conflict of interest.  In truth the courts are operating in an unlawfully corrupted capacity.  They are in violation of their oaths and they need to be help accountable.  They are not even following the laws, which I proved in Multicare vs Judy, with my hands tied behind my back. What these courts are doing is committing fraud against justice and against us.  They are bought by the highest bidder. The judges are no better than whoring prostitutes.  And, again, I’ve proven in with my hands tied behind my back.

How this moves forward is not going to be easy because the courts and judges are used to having their asses kissed.  In reality it is they who should be kissing our asses.  If you don’t like my vernacular walk away.  I don’t care.  Because what I’m saying is the truth.  Those people are there to serve US, not the other way around.

And when any corporate entity tells us they cannot provide information to us, or work with us, without an attorney they are obstructing justice.   People really need to get this into their heads.  What I’m saying isn’t to cause chaos like the municipal judge in this State accused me of doing.  And in return I informed him it is he who is causing chaos. Without justice there is chaos.  So don’t take what I’m telling you here are an attempt to say its okay to act lawlessly against others without expecting to be held accountable.  I’m not saying that at all. What I”m saying is that the courts and the government are primarily operating lawlessly themselves and its past time to call them out.  What I expect to move forward is very serious, and it goes very deep.  The Governor has not responded, and if his aids have not made him aware of this then they are making a huge mistake.

Today I’ve learned the medical insurance companies do not share our information with anyone, not even  since 9/11 with the government.  Yes, a lot of my information has been spoken about here and on social media. But a lot of it has not been spoken about.  Yet trolls have shown me those things that have not been spoken about have been spread around somewhere, and I wonder for what purpose?  Well, no I don’t.  Obviously the purpose has been to discredit and to harass me.

As I whittle away by gathering information the facts are going to point to the culprits.  Someone cannot be a psychiatrist for the State for decades without being part of a crony group.  From the time I got out of Fairfax Hospital and dealing with DSHS I was at the mercy of that crony group, and that was in 2013.  Going back to December 2005 I was also at the mercy of that crony group when instead of keeping me at the St. Joseph Hospital or sending me to Swedish who wanted to accept me I was ambulance drive from St. Joseph Emergency to the Puget Sound Crisis Center that was such a shambles that on the day I was released the place was condemned.  I don’t know what happened to those records but I will find them.  The staff there was marvelous and its a pity they weren’t given a better environment to work in with the troubled people there.  I’ve already described it.  Only cold water, terribly drafty windows, plywood beds, people sleeping in the hallways and on the floors because there were not enough beds.  The food was beyond terrible.  I had the best insurance money could buy.  There was no reason I was sent there.  However, I’m glad I was.  And I know that I have lived through this just in order to tell about what this corrupted network is doing.  Due to its having been so entrenched into the State its hard to believe I’m not in some kind of danger exposing it in fact.  Because up until recently I’ve just been a raging lunatic.  But that’s changing and the people who I’m talking to are hearing the truth.  Its a truth that frightens them, but its the truth that is real.  My doctor’s family is part of a State operated crime syndicate. There is no doubt about it.  They are the kinds of people a real authority would want to get their hands on if they were good like Elliott Ness.  As it is the government isn’t going to help us, though, because the problem IS the government.  Law enforcement isn’t going to protect us, because the problem IS law enforcement.  No attorney would touch this, either.  That is why I’ve taken back from the IRS their power of attorney over me, which they actually have over all of you if you haven’t changed it.  Their being given power of attorney at birth is why they require us to have a ABA attorney to speak to the courts.  The government considers us incompetent.  The government speaks a different language.  It sounds like English but it isn’t.  Its Legalese.  Probably I’ve already mentioned this.  That said, though, our own English language has authority over them.  What they are doing is claiming jurisdiction they don’t have.  My biggest mistake in all of this has been signing their papers when they have told me to.

If on December 5th, 2005, when they had me surrounded in that dark examining room at the end of the dark hallway, I would have refused to sign their paperwork probably I would not be here today.  Without our signature in agreement this entity of commerce cannot transact with us.  It may sound complicated but actually its quite simple.

But of course I’m wandering off topic.  The fact is, as information is coming in and the powers that be start to understand what is and has been being done, many people are going to be unhappy.  As the chronological order gets laid out, with all of the history, whose hands were on this matter will be known.  I won’t rest until all of their names are known.  Because last night it occurred to me that this truly is not about money, although it would be nice to have my financial status restored. But I cannot think in terms of money.  I’m not a materialistic person.  I never have been.  So whenever I’ve considered money its stressed me out.  Therefore last night I prayed then came to realize I need to keep my passion on right now, and upon gathering the facts and presenting them in the cleanest fashion possible.  I’m aware there is no mistaking what I say/write.  But when attorneys try to decimate it, if I’m worrying about money I won’t be able to stay focused.

I’m sure one of the first things they will try to do is to dismiss me by saying my motions/affidavits are frivolous.  Also this matter cannot go before Judge McCullough because he isn’t going to be able to be objective.  But will any other judge be able to?  That’s hard to say. Also, I have no idea what all they have had me sign along the way, because I was so stressed out. So they may have had me sign something that signed away my rights.  Therefore I’ll have to prove through the facts I was incompetent at the time to sign.  That’s going to be tricky too.  Also if I’m declaring myself incompetent during that time it also means my divorce could be contested. So you see, this has gone on for so long, made my life so complicated, that juggling it all on my own is going to take a lot of focus.  And, already, I’m aware and I hope to show you through this blog the William Kastners Law Firm and Cheryl Comer are willing to lie and to cheat.  Cheating might be okay, but lying is a big no no.

As it unfolds there are two ways it can go.  The entities can work with me, or they can work against me.  None of them are going to make it easy on me, though.  But that’s okay.  The past 13 years have not been easy on me.  But now I’m pretty much at full capacity considering I’m a 63 year old woman whose been raped and psychologically been being beaten down since 2004 by professionals.

Cutiepie Sample Sr. and his cronies have had a lot of practice.  They are experts at fraud and covering up malpractice.  Its going to be curious to find out who, exactly, Mr. David Peterson was related to.  The old man, his wife Sandra, or Dr. Bob’s wife’s family.

Today when I told the insurance company the doctor is related to the former CEO they said, “On no. Not that.”  Multicare is huge in Washington, too.   But, like I told the insurance company today, if they would have handled things right to begin with none of us would be here.  But they didn’t.  Instead they did what the old man psychiatrist had been doing for decades at Western State and what Dr. Bob said on the witness stand the old man had taught him to do, and that was to lie on the notes to cover up the truth.

It boggles the mind.

I can hope they roll over and admit it.  But I doubt they will. They will want to kill me because that’s what they have been practicing to do to us.  I’m not saying it to be a drama queen. I’m saying it because I’m being realistic.  I’ve survived 13 years of reality and I doubt its changed.

Please keep this in your prayers.


Documenting Reality…..

While I was trying to survive their blows I didn’t know what I was needing, so everything what kept haphazard and random.  I kept things to remind myself it was all real, but until Misty & Rick’s deaths what it was I was trying to document remained somewhat of a mystery.

I knew the drugs had messed me up, and I’d heard about Lisa Nowak and the weirdness that went on with her.  I knew I kind of related to that, but wasn’t sure how.  So I posted what I could find here.  I just wanted to keep track.

I have no background in PsyOps, nor do I have background is manipulative psychological control like gas lighting, triggering and gang stalking.  Now I have very extensive experience at least in surviving, and I know what it is I’m needing.  Its a process of elimination that is stressful to go through, but that will once and for all prove this matter and against whom the case needs built.

Fifteen to thirty documents have been found from September 2004 through March 2005 and December 2005 through  January 2006.  This is only the beginning of recreating the scene.

I am grateful to the ones who have put me on the right track of investigating for documenting what the courts chose to disregard and to destroy.  This time there will be even more evidence.  They can run but they cannot hide. They are going down.




They Slandered Me.

They were judging me while they couldn’t even judge themselves.

This is my work ethic.

They beat me down because in reality I work a lot harder than any of them do.

They are privileged.

I’ve never been privileged, and I’ve always had to work 2 – 3 times more than they ever have.

They think their showing up is God’s gift to the world.

They are liars.

So what do they do?

They slander people.

Yes, they are cheaters who buy their scores and grades, and peddle their influence.

But this is my work ethic.  Its the reason working class people have always come to me for doing business.

I don’t cheat or screw people.

I don’t just show up acting like I’m God’s gift to them.

I do my job.

This is how I’ve always worked.

Now I’m learning something new.

I’m learning how to get them for what they are doing.

I will get them.