When Corporate Gangsters Take On A New Meaning.

It would be stupid to think I am not extremely concerned.

There is an article telling that there is hardly a person in this country that the international trafficking of drugs has not negatively affected.  Reading that I cannot help but to think those ones included are too ones happily working autonomously inside the large corporate entities benefiting and protecting the racket. Whether they know and do or do not care what they are doing IS negative.





Its no no wonder some politicians don’t want to end the war on drugs, because they don’t want to deal with making criminals legitimate. That is what a local politician said, and she meant it. Her own kid is addicted to opiates. People blame her. I’m not sure its her fault.

Its a complicated issue I understand, and if the article I’ve read is true I’m sure most of you understand to.

I’ve never really cared much for the 60’s turn on, tune in, drop out or whatever that saying was that arose as the drug culture to squelch the movement of peace that was anti establishment because of its own propensity to embrace war and destruction. Really being against the establishment is what the original so called hippies were about.  It was for organic home gardening, finding for creating work to sustain ones self and family outside the ever growing repressive system. The movement was against the escalation that France was insisting upon of the U S. The movement was considered by the establishment the enemies. Some things don’t change, do they? If you love peace, you are the enemy.

The free love, sex, drugs and rock & roll take over that threw the peaceful under the bus had a horrible impact upon the culture around me.  I am from the Bay Area. On young people around me  it’s influence was grotesque and violent.  Yet, sadly it was being glamorized through Hollywood and through the universities. Probably during the 60s is when the fabric of the country was torn in what to me seems to be irreparable.

I know it will be unpopular for me to say, and I may well be called a racist for saying it, But the civil rights movement that sprang up during the 60s did not do America any favors.. The only thing that did was expand the nanny State as black people sought the masters, their owners, to make the bullies play fair.  So Big Brother got to work.  And just like what was done during the civil war, instead of freeing people, all of us became enslaved by the masters.  Then the masters set out to give the appearances of taking care of us.  Through the educational system it was already in place by banker Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, who took on the job in 1953 as Secretary if Education.  He did that 2 months after elbowing out the woman whose face the government used to sell all the States on a uniform educational curriculum.  After removing the woman, Rockefeller commented to give him one generation and he will change the minds of the people therefore changing the direction of the world.  And how he went about it was through truancy and through dumbing down for brainwashing the public.  This practice of brainwashing has reached the halls of most private and all public universities too.

Now 63 years old, born underclass in 1955  only 2 years after Rockefeller took charge I am here to testify that what was done has become a disaster.

What I’ve noticed from the begging the master mentality, which I was once believing was good, is that we keep returning to the master who is beating us begging.  And I have watched the master embrace the noisiest while quietly bringing in new, improved obedient, more grateful, more acquiescing slaves to replace the once rebellious ones who’ve grown complacent and soft around the middle, but burnt out and no longer of value to the master.  Oh a few, but less and less over the years, might make it to a comfortable retirement from having been cared for by Unclw Tom, er I mean Uncle Sam  but most wont.  And that is due to manipulated inflation, corporate (which Uncle Sam D.C. IS a corporation) greed that is a Ponzi scheme.

To keep itself going bogus production bonus systems are set up under false pretenses that inspires employees to lie and cheat to get them, and still that isn’t enough to pay the bills due to inflation. Yet employees have wants and desires  the things our working 50 to 60 hours a week should afford.  Yet it doesn’t.  God give us a break!

So we were dumbed down, made even more dumb by the establishment that used the guise of equality and affirmative to do that.  It’s sad.

In the meantime the trafficking of drugs, marketing them towards high school kids, became the acceptable American pastime for too many.  As it infiltrated the communities, especially with the return home of huge numbers of war drained and traumatized young men who sought out drugs they had become accustomed to getting in Vietnam and the Philippines the fabric of America kept tearing.  For much of the blue collar workers sex, drinking and dragging is how they were doing it.  And when during the Reagan Administration in the 90s gave a thumbs up to the CIA to traffic-primarily  cocaine into the U S to support their wars that was the beginning of the end.  And the icing on the cake that became the war on drugs that has become a cottage money making racket in both the public and private sectors has gotten so dependent upon the racket that drug trafficking dominates, yes dominates, almost all business. The result is that we either play or get killed.  The idea is also that if we do play, if we are underclass or not liked or not privileged we will be the ones thrown under the bus to take it for the team that is privileged.

There has been so many deaths from violent drug traffickers, many that are not even categorically added into the numbers.  There are linemen and forestry people who have in the past stumbled onto illegal grows to be found with bullets in their heads or not even found at all.

So as my peers, people who I’ve liked too, have been getting high on their weed, war Vetersns and students insisted upon their rights to party over the rights of the innocent ones being murdered who have accidentally stumbled in the way thinking in America we are all safe. Its not true. The politician expansionists for the British Crown should quit running around the country pretending it is safe.  

Most all my peers were and many still are weed smokers.  And the reason I’ve moved the conversation from cocaine to weed is because it has been much of the same traffic lines handling it all.  Now its even trafficking young children for selling sex, too. And because of what violence the traffickers have done to meet the demands and to get their products  to market and to get their money washed they have developed a lot of enemies along the way.  And there was a time when the general public believed the government corporations was the enemy of those criminals and really was fighting to keep those of us who realized the criminal racket was evil safe.  None of that was true though and it’s come to be that many of the drug users work inside the government.  And its rather odd to be working in an agency of an entity promoting the war on drugs while a number of people setting there do them, and this especially includes weed.

So now for saying so I am the enemy right?!  Wrong.  It’s never been any of my business what people do, although I have never cared for the mentality of some people who have not cared that people were being killed so their high of choice would make the delivery. It seemed to me to be as hypocritical as the government who was also causing more  deaths  by keeping the war going.

Its a dilemma, but one that never interested me because since I don’t smoke weed despite the peer pressure that most peers who do have seen me as being anti pot.  Therefore I was their enemy, which is a very ignorant notion even many seemingly intelligent people have thought too. The problem for me as an “outsider” is that I don’t speak the language of weed.  Kind of like I don’t speak the language of hood.  It’s all Greek to me, and that is a ok by me. I don’t want to be thug. And I don’t need to be “in.”

I remember being challenged by a co worker because I don’t get high. Before that time my being seen as the  enemy caused certain people to act aggressively negative towards me but the reason was kept covert even though I knew the “problem” they had with me.  So this direct challenge by my co worker over my “sobriety” was good.  Because really it was not ever about my prejudices but about stoners prejudices and assumptions of me.  So it was kind of funny because I did not know I was harboring resentment towards my peers’ attitudes towards my being a non smoker.  And when he challenged me I was ready, and I let him have it!  Why should I have to defend my way of life to anyone?  Especially when my way of life was not hurting anyone?  And that could not be said about his.  It’s the thing weed smokers haven’t wanted to see or acknowledge.  So I was pretty much like, “you know?  You can take that ‘my smoking weed isn’t hurting anybody’ peace and love bullshit and shove it up your ass.”  I not care if people smoke weed.  But the war for it has killed people in the same way prohibition has always killed people.  And the Kennedy’s made huge money of the blood trafficking bootlegging during prohibition.  “So, you know?  Don’t lie to me, and don’t hate on me, because your conscience can’t handle the truth.”

BOOM.  I shut him down.  I told him I was not his enemy but it was probably his greedy fucking dealer (because they didn’t want to share their profits with the government$).)

He knew I was right,  And that settled that.

I did begin pushing for its legalization through spreading knowledge, and I’m sure in some small way he started talking to his people, if you know what I mean?  He wasn’t a bad dude.  He just needed to get some clarity. He was a person of pretty good character and his challenging me was good for both of us.  I’m a strong proponent of open dialogue that some organizations don’t like.  Fuck them.

It used to be some companies were started from drug money, then the owners would get out of it.  I just don’t think that is the situation anymore.  If what I have been shown since 9/11, it been that nearly everything is dependent now upon drug trafficking.  So more and more social pressure is being put upon people to participate.

And inasmuch as its being written that the cartels are realizing in the U S murderjng people disrupts their business the truth is that all of the organizations have converted to what is known  as the soft war.

The soft war is what Multicare did with me.  It’s this organized professional hit, the textbook version of manipulated psychological attacks that kill.  Yes it’s being practiced.  Yes EPIS is practicing it. And now we know the organization SIS is too.  The wildcat is out of the bag.  And, no, we don’t have to shut our mouths about it.  Even more it’s our responsibility to tell people so that they know its not them, or in their minds.  Because when I didn’t know it almost killed me. Well that and because I was made to watch my entire life being destroyed. And, its my opinion because Misty and Rick didn’t know it did kill them.  Just because the cartels fingerprints are not literally at the crime scene, with a little knowledge their presence can be seen. Law enforcement knows.

The nanny State is not going to help.  Our masters are too busy politicking to keep their rackets going.  I, among many others  will never again beg the master who is beating the most vulnerable people.  The best we can do is to starve the Beast.

Because when we look at how weed has been made “legal” in Washington, where they kicked the physical and psychological shit  out of me for stumbling upon their proverbial illegal “grows”, now the costs of the dealers for their relationship with the government’s own racket protecting it has been passed on to the consumers through the higher costs and extremely high taxation.  Cheap weed is long gone and the medicinal aspect has been handed over to Big Pharma medical quacks and pharmacies.

Right now I don’t remember whether or not I’ve told about my neighbor who has died from the same cancers I’ve had.  Because he saw my pot plants (at the time we could get a medical card for them) on the patio he had his doctor prescribe pharmacy provided weed to him. So he showed me and it was the most pitiful little quarter size dried up piece of crap that he didn’t even get good instructions on what to do with.  When he showed me for wondering what to do I was kind of thinking, “throw it in the trash?”

By the way, weed did not cure my cancer.  CBDs however did help in my recovery from the mind drugs.

But to be hones  about these drug runners … I’m really sick of them and their lying cheating bullshit.  But even more I am sick of how they are still killing us with the cooperation of the corporate government because of their own choices to operate criminal enterprises based upon creating addictions and violence. And as time does tell, the longer I’m living, the more they are being exposed for the criminals they are.  And the idea that draining the swamp means to put them out of their jobs has got to come to pass.

I have watched it all going down since Vietnam and it’s not getting  better.  It’s getting worse.  The costs to support this racket is getting to be too much and it is destroying the futures.  Everyone is talking about it, and it’s not only me

i understand the mentality of the politicians that say they don’t want to work with the criminals, except many of the criminals are employees in the Federal and State agencies or contractors for them. So now what?

I am not going to be one of those boomers who pretends to not see it.

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