Remembering being kids…

waiting to get rid of Verizon I’m remembering when we were kids there was a community pool we frequented.

But Don didn’t until he moved in next door.

One hot summer day my mom told me to go next door and to tell that boy if he isn’t in his shorts, out of that house and at the pool with the rest of us in 1/2 an hour she would come drag him out.  Don was not raised with a mother so that floored him.  But I can tell you he was in his shorts and showed up at the pool at rapid speed.

It was good for him too, and he began making friends.

that is how far back my ex husband and I went.  It’s a good memory.

They can’t take those things away from us.

I remember one time about 2 years later this rich kid had dated me.  One time he came over and told me his best friend was going to kick Don’s ass.  He wanted me to go tell Don for his friend.  I told my boyfriend to shove it up his ass and if he wanted a bullshit message delivered to my best friend he should do it himself.  Henry never kicked Don’s ass and I never told Don about that until after he and I were married.

It was those things we built our lives on and anyone who hasn’t had that is missing out on in life what is good.

the idea that Sargent thought in my right mind I would throw away my life for his dumb ass is a total lie to himself.  Totally.  And at least now I can look back fondly onto those memories.

Its sad Kevin nor Nazarita knows how to develop them.  They are out there for everyone to make.

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