Psychotropic Recovery

Bio: Nine years ago an M.D. prescribed psychotropic meds, literally destroying my life. Than to shield his responsibility he got a restraining order removing me as a patient, and the system supported him. I was alone. It is a miracle I am not homeless, wandering the streets. My friends nor my family was skilled to understand. In Feb. 2014 I found something that I believe is saving my life, restoring me in unimaginable ways. This is my recovery. I am a survivor. But, according to the system, I was supposed to die. If you understand that a prescription medication has altered your mind and who you are, or if you find that you are suffering some type of identity crisis that you do not understand, maybe what happened to me is what is happening with you. I hope my path leads to your own personal recovery. You cannot rely upon Western medicine to save you. I am not a medical doctor. I am the survivor.

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