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Nine years ago an M.D. prescribed psychotropic meds, literally destroying my life. Than to shield his responsibility he got a restraining order removing me as a patient, and the system supported him. I was alone. It is a miracle I am not homeless, wandering the streets. My friends nor my family was skilled to understand. In Feb. 2014 I found something that I believe is saving my life, restoring me in unimaginable ways. This is my recovery. I am a survivor. But, according to the system, I was supposed to die. If you understand that a prescription medication has altered your mind and who you are, or if you find that you are suffering some type of identity crisis that you do not understand, maybe what happened to me is what is happening with you. I hope my path leads to your own personal recovery. You cannot rely upon Western medicine to save you. I am not a medical doctor. I am the survivor. Your donations through the following link will be greatly appreciated:

Dear D.S.H.S., Diane Cecchittini, Dr. Sargent Sr., and Washington State family….

Not everyone thinks rape is funny.

Furthermore, in your fields you should know there are many ways to rape someone that doesn’t have to be physical.

I think when a) Junior lied and b) I told him to stop whatever it is that he is (was) doing, that was giving him notice that I did not consent.  When the transcripts arrive, if they have not been altered and destroyed, his own testimony under oath is going to condemn Junior.  Under extenuating circumstances statutes of limitations can be extended.  And not to make a big deal out of myself or this situation, I’ll take this to the Supreme Court if I have to for setting precedent for the futures.

When a 5’4.5″ chic says she’s going to “get you”, historically that means she’s going to use everything she’s got to expose you.  Very few women in history have become mass murderers.  Its a very rare event, but I suppose I can understand your fears considering what you all do.  Your restraining orders had nothing to do with me and everything to do with your own lack of conscience.    Indeed, that makes me very mad.  Maybe it was the anger and actually managing it that has kept me going?

I’m just curious about how you’re all laughing now?  Not so funny anymore, is it?   Not now that good people know the truth.



Maybe from prison y’all will have time to read:





A Quick Note About The American BAR..

all lawyers are liars.  The key is to find the one that can be proven.  Pretty much that can be done with every word that comes from their mouths.  If they are not pathological liars they would leave the association’s “business” operations.  They have taken the right to defend one’s self to the outer limits and it is true what my friend pointed out Saturdays, which is its the only profession God chastises in the Bible.  Even prostitutes can repent to be forgiven through grace. Yet the Lord says to lawyers and the ones perverting his law, “Woe unto them.”   So while they want to think their “religions” are going to save them, its highly unlikely it will.  Not that I’m the judge, but have been like many of you being the recipient of their lying, cheating, arrogant ways.


Luke 14.3 And Jesus responded to the lawyers and Pharisees, saying, “Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath, or not?” 4 But they remained silent. Then he took him and healed him and sent him away. 5 And he said to them, “Which of you, having a son or an ox that has fallen into a well on a Sabbath day, will not immediately pull him out?” 6 And they could not reply to these things.


Matthew 5.25 fCome to terms quickly with your accuser while you are going with him to court, lest your accuser hand you over to the judge, and the judge to the guard, and you be put in prison.


Luke  11.46 And he said, Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers.


Luke 11.52  Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.

Someone posted the other day there are 12 doors to heaven for the 12 tribes and not one of those doors is marker “Gentiles.”  That is not true, and as a matter of fact while some boast of their lineage connected to the “royal” tribes, indeed Christ spoke to free the Gentile.  The truth hidden is that the Gentile ARE the Kingdom of God’s.  Its all in the Bible.  I don’t really care what you think of me or of this.  What matters is what you know of Christ and God, and of the ones who worship the being of Satan.

Well, I’ve kind of wandered off topic, haven’t I?

Here is a link to a quick read that makes clear we are either a slave to the injustice, or we are freed by the Good News:




Off To A Great Start! Zoom zoom!

A report to say that this work week is off to a great start.

No, I’m not listening anymore to the EPIS blog talk.  No, I don’t care to listen to what those two whack jobs have to say or to think about anything.  Yes, I get what they think they are doing.  Yes, its taken this long for me to recover from it.  No, they had no right to do what they’ve done.  No, Kevin is not going to go down in history as any great thinker of the times. Yes, what he prattles on about isn’t even interesting or deep thinking.  Yes, I am inclined to believe he’s the same mentality as the Third Reich and of Dr. Sargent Sr., who in my opinion are just another type of tyrants the same as the military industrial complex is churning out who hate “civilians” so much because we prefer peace.

I’ve heard in Seattle there will be a Red & Blue Pill March again, if it hasn’t already occurred.  I really do believe this is the year of the (peaceful) women, and women haters of all genders can try to trip us up as much as they want to, but lovers of women (including ourselves) aren’t going to let it happen.

What Multicare did to me, what EPIS did to me, its all the same as what is and has been being done globally at least since capitalism was implemented and lawyers came to force that type of materialism through corporate governance ownership of us.  But we are going to change it.  Yes, we are.

Sex is sex. Sex becomes rape when one in the equation says NO I do not consent.  Feelings do not matter.  No is no.

Medical care is medical care until it become malpractice.  Lying about it is fraud, an organization lying about it creates constructive fraud.  An entire system, including their lawyers lying about it in court, creates constructive fraud without a statute of limitations.  They think they can hide behind their lying lawyers but they cannot hide from the truth.

This work week is getting off to a great start.  The documents will be coming in that I can use to protect myself, and then they will put me on the offense for proving my story.

The ladies are on it!  Zoom zoom!



Closing Out The Weekend.

I’ve given thought about to what I owe people who doubt what I’ve gotten through has been real, or that I should need to “prove” it.

First of all, I think anyone who wants to know the truth will start at the beginning of Surviving Psychotropics then follow that through to here.  The person posting in the beginning, who I referred to as Psychotropic Recovery, was the same person as the one typing this right now.  Me.

How I am expressing myself now in comparison to how I was expressing myself back then is obvious.  Now over the weekend I’ve been called paranoid and some other things that might bother someone. But very little bothers me anymore.  If I am paranoid I have been given the right to be.  If I have anxiety I have been given good reason to have it.

It doesn’t matter to me who anyone thought I was, or even who I was before.  What those people have done to me and are doing to other people is wrong.

Now as I go into this coming week nailing down my receipt of all of the documentation that proves what they have done, while I wonder why I’m doing it and not just getting on with my life, what I realize is that proving this has become my life.   If it is my life its nobody’s business but my own.  If the predators don’t like it, that’s their own problem.  If anyone I’m seeking information from tries to hold it back from me  because THEY are paranoid, then I will charge them for that.  Because I’m not fooling around.  As I begin receiving the proof, which is something that will also protect me from the predators if they decide to mess with me again like that, I will use it to stop them.  I am not going to live my life afraid of who I am because they have done to me what they did.    Even more, after I’ve gotten all of the information together I’ll overturn both Multicare vs Judy and Kevin Boileau/Nazarita Goldhammer vs Judy.  Because today I feel the same way I did when I put the stuff pig with a stethoscope around its neck on the fire hydrant outside Dr. Sargent’s work window there at Multicare on State Street in Kent, Washington.  And how I felt then and how I feel now is that I am a 62 year old woman with no criminal record and there is no reason I should not be allowed to go anywhere I want to  in this world. And that would include walking into Dr. Sargent’s office for slapping him across his face, or walking into wherever Kevin is broadcasting from for slapping his across his face.  They gave up their rights to stop me when the one lied on my medical records and violated my HIPAA rights and the other did that when he sodomized me and got by with it.  As for Nazarita.  I’d never seen  the woman before in all of my life.  She needs slapped too for lying on the police report.  None of them deserve any type of protection from me, although all of them are the last people I’d ever want to see again on this planet. And that is what Judge Kato was saying to Kevin when I told her he’d raped me and he told her I was a student of his.  Now he’s gone onto the internet to say that he likes to have sex with his students.  Well I don’t think we had sex, although some men think that rape is just another kind of sex because its the same “motions.”  Well that might be true, to a degree, but sex doesn’t turn into rape unless the woman said no.  And I did.  Funny Boileau never argued about it before.  And I suppose that’s because I wasn’t supposed to live to tell.  Yet, here I am.  Putting together the truth of it all through the documentation is what I live for.


Maybe The Transcripts From The Hearings Will Need Their Own Binder!

There is going to be so much.

Yep, even the most devoted Multicare advocate is going to see this to say, “Ugh.”

With all of my yapping over the years I wonder why no philanthropic group has picked this up?

Do you suppose they support this that Big Pharma is doing?







Am I Over My Head?


Pulling together a lot!

Considering for the first 49 years of my life I was in the hospital maybe twice requesting and receiving all of the hospitalizations, contacts with authorities, and medical information after the psych drugs is crazy!

Just mentally reviewing them all and putting onto paper where and who all I was seen by, contacting each, and keeping notes and records, then still remembering more, is wild!

When people see all of this they are not going to believe it!

Poor people are totally shut out of this system. Its costing a lot.  I hope people can help me.  I think this is important. This is more than my dog or cat needing a vet.   This is about exposing what is being done by those psych drugs and the powers that be to cover it up.

There is all of the hospitals, clinics and medical providers I’ve been seen by.  There is the insurance companies and the various government entities, too. Some charge, some do not. Those who don’t require services like the release of information to be notarized, which costs.  Everything costs while their practice pushes us into poverty, takes away our ability to make a living. I’m not whining.  I’m just sayin’.  Oh wait, yes I am whining.  More than anything else the costs are disheartening.


realizing just how big this file is going to be once its finished it going to tell more than anything I could say or have been saying.  Because until last year, on the most part, its just been me crying out.  Now its me documenting what caused me to be in that condition to being with.  This is exciting, and organizing it all is exciting too.  Knowing if nothing is unaltered or redacted then its all going to tell is great.


the papers  going into organized files is piling up!


Self Defense For Dummies: What It Means To Get Them.

In self defense the best defense becomes an offense.  And now that I’ve survived psych drugs and being targeted, finding myself targeted again by a dummy who has selective reading skills, this chapter is dedicated to him

What “I’m going to get them” in plain English means is that now having survived and then being left with the evidence by them to build a REAL case means I’m going to “get them.”  It means they will be held accountable.  It means I’ve found the loopholes that will make them answer for their crimes against myself and against humanity.  It means justice, not vigilante style either the way the FBI set up LaVoy and also Schaeffer Cox have played judge and jury without a jury of the peers and by withholding exculpatory evidence.  It means fair and accurate reporting of the truth being backed up by the proof.

When I have said they were the ones who (illegally) took the matter public when what they should have done was to act right I have not been lying.

So as the truth has been documented, the idea to stop me from providing it is underway.

Stopping that isn’t going to happen.

Too many good people already know, and I’ve sent out lists to many people with where the evidence is to follow up on if anything happens to me.

Having back up is the only way a person can move from defense to an offense and I’ve done it.

The best defense is a good offense.

I’m not too worried about the trolls.


About Transparency, Full Disclosure & Truth In Advertising.

There is a new friend who reminds me of an old friend who loves combating domestic terrorism, organic gardening, perma-culture, reading (our Facebook posts), and considers himself a wine snob who’s added to his repertoire being a artist and a cultured blues and jazz fan.. The kind of friend who is paranoid and projects that onto other people. The kind of friend who targets innocent people and puts words in our mouths to build his case against our thinking a free man’s thought about things like the Bill of Rights and America. The kind of friend who thinks “getting” someone always means killing them when what it really means is catching some people at their own dirty games for charging them and hauling them off to jail (after due process of course, once all the evidence has been gathered and shown.) The kind of friend who’s building a case that doesn’t exist hoping to prevent their target from building the REAL case. The kind of friend who says, “God help us” but doesn’t even believe in God and hates Christians ? Not that I’m paranoid. Its just the new friend is pushy in a way that reminds me of that old friend. The kind of friend who wants to turn a blog of survival called I Was Supposed To Die into Surviving & Proving A REAL Domestic Terrorist Group Makes Me A Domestic Terrorist To the REAL Domestic Terrorist. The kind of friend who can’t do his own research so he assumes a lot then makes false reports from that and his laziness to actually perform. But I could be wrong. I always like to leave room for being wrong. Maybe I’m misreading and this is just a very inquisitive guy who can’t actually read because of his Army indoctrination of finding enemies where there is none. Oh, wait! Thinking for ourselves makes us an enemy, right? Every day in America is an adventure. It will be nice, though, when the DOJ dismantles this kind of sloppy ass bullshitting.   They play from the same handbook, use the same words, and have pretty much the same approach.  Don’t worry people, there’s nothing wrong with calling it out. It would be paranoid not to.  Just sayin’