One Last Word For This Evening.

If they were decent people they would actually withdraw their claims.  This would mean Psycho The Rapist and Dr. Cutiepie Sample Jr. both.  But they are not decent people, their attorneys are not decent people, nor are their friends and family decent people.  But there is always hope that they will pull their heads out of their asses to do the honest thing, right?  I can always hope.

Yesterday & Last Night Was Incredible

It was a good healing day in so many ways.   Some physical accomplishments got done and they were getting the cantaloupe seeds into the soil, and then I took out the old fire pit in the side yard that I have not liked.  Oh, also I bagged up weeds, and started the sanding of the outside door trim for fresh paint.  The shutters need cleaned and repainted too, so I’m working in that direction.  Also I want the exercise ball blown back up too so that’s out to go to the gas station.

I am not able to put the transcripts from the June 21st hearing here yet, because I don’t have the equipment here to do that and the ones who have it think of it like they are enabling me in all of this.  They don’t understand, and that’s alright.  Most people who aren’t into understanding this type of psychological violence and emotional trauma like I and some of you have dealt with don’t.  Its okay.  It just makes things harder for us, that’s all.    Either way yesterday and last evening, even into the morning was good healing for me.

Organizing and putting into chronological order the June 21st hearing was helpful.  Now its in its own binder.  I doubt I’m going to pursue anything further with that, unless of course psycho the whack job and his dustclotharita get their viper attorneys to make something more of it.  That wouldn’t surprise me.  Nothing anymore from them surprises me. The only thing it does is upset me because of the paper assault that I have to spend my time formulating the facts over and I don’t have any help to do it.  Not to mention that I’m out of energy, living in poverty and don’t have the money or resources to be efficient the way I used to be.  So its frustrating.  Also laws and rules in each state and even in each county is different and I see in Ohio as in Washington they make it all on line gobble gook.  And sadly even when Legal Aid gives us direction and affirms we’re doing it right, just look what the whoring bench/bar allows.  I do wish I could transfer the audio from that June 21st hearing to this blog for you to hear.  This computer accepts the flash drive but it doesn’t have a media player to run or transfer what’s on it.

Yesterday evening was fun because some ladies and I in the all blues all night group I’m a member of closed out the night chattering fun and silly stuff.

Also the evening took quite a serious turn as my friend Lazaro uncovered some more Deep State corruption.  I worry about him and about Shawna Cox, too, because of what they uncover.  Laz receives documents from Wikileaks and also he goes to the States and to the County records, too.  He interviewed a woman yesterday and probably I posted that here, and she had investigated and found how the government does NOT own the land they are trying to stake claim to.  It was all interesting and I learned a few things that was good.  But as the evening began closing Laz did a live stream expose as he waited at the airport and it was very revealing.  Actually what he told, the can of worms he opened, was something I thought I’d seen too in some cases.  It was wild to hear him saying it.  The corruption and games to steal the American’s tax money goes deep and is very clever.  The saying that what we suspect they are doing compared to what they are actually doing is far worse. They say we could not even think of the things they do they are so devious.  And that’s probably true.  I worry for Laz just the same as with other real whistle blower. But Laz is my friend.  Laz helped me in December 2017 to stop triggering the way I used to.  He’s thoughtful and caring, and last night he exposed some seriously evil people.   It was good to do.  Lots of jaws fell open last night.  I wish I had the money to donate to help.

Also yesterday I learned that other women are working on exposing this matter of these people that have been attacking me for all of these years.  That made me happy, of course.  If nothing more comes of this June 21st matter, I can tie up the loose ends from that, make some notes on things that need to be changed in the Seneca County and I’ll close the binder on that. So in this regard I’m feeling some closure and healing.  I’ve traveled through that Beast to see what the problems really are.  I suppose that is what we have to do to know.

Now this leaves the other two matters.  The one with Boileau/Goldhammer vs Judy Lee and the other being Multicare vs Judy Lee.  Those still are unresolved.  Both need to be closed.

I am not going to leave Boileau/Goldhammer left open because if I do those assholes will use it over and over and over again to phuck with me.  There is no doubt about it.  The toad attorney mentioned my drinking and to that I say phuck him too.  Drinking has helped me cope.  I know that it has.  And if Boileau and Goldhammer and their trolls would have left me alone I would not ever have set my sights on talking about them even when I was drinking.  They are the ones who kept bringing the attention back to themselves, using me as they have been.  What they do is not going to go unpunished. But that won’t be done by me.  Its going to be done by other people in the shadows who want to stay safe until they broadside them with the truth and possibly a group lawsuit.

Its possible that might happen with Dr. Cutiepie Sample Sr. and Jr., and wifey wifes too.   Either way, that case still hangs over my head, haunting me. So it needs to be corrected. The whole idea of a lifetime order is for phucking lunatics. And Boileau and Dr. Cutiepie Sample Sr. both are.  And then there is their sideshows.  Whatever.

In the June 22nd hearing, and now with the July 30 hearing coming up, enough has been given.  I don’t think I need to jeopardize anyone, and I don’t think the court has the right to jeopardize anyone else helping to dig up for the toad attorneys what might be coming down the pipe.  I’ve been dragged around and used by these predators for long enough.  On July 30th the matter will close in my favor or I will have to sue the judge and the attorney Rhodes.  That is all there is to it.  Siding with a credentialed predator just because he is credentialed is bullshit.

I really do feel closure for me with all of this on the horizon.  I really do believe its all going to be in my favor.  They just can’t do this to people, while we hold all of this evidence, and they get by with it.  Going through this, I see many things that need to be changed.

Last night Lazaro saw a lot of those things too.  I wish I could travel around like Laz does to see all of those things.  If I did I would want a hemp R.V. to do it in. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Yep in 2005 I Was Bi Polar

One minute I’d be dancing all over the living room and in Fairmont Whistler too, happy happy happy.

All I want is a picture of you. All I want is to get right next to you. All I want is your picture in a locket your face in my pocket make you feel to stop it………

Then I’d be setting on the floor crying for hours and hours…

……don’t you worry about your mind.  Don’t you worry about your mind. You should worry about the day when the pain it goes away.  You know I miss mine sometimes…  (nothing to do with the Ambien, though….not at all)… there’s no fiction that will truly fit this situation, I’m documenting every detail every conversation, not used to talking to somebody in the body somebody in the body somebody in the body……




From (March 2005) hell with love

everyone said I went crazy….sure, whatever.

  2005 was hell. If I was ever bi polar I was during 2005.  Funny the quack would diagnose me to Jerry McKay as that. Oh,except for the Ambien, and the more than 12 days of not sleeping.  No problemo, right?  Easy peasy. Everyone is fine not sleeping for days and days on end.  Everyone is fine after that.  Oh, except that my whole life was ruined. I could not even calculate our tax returns, could not even make 2 + 2 = 4.  And the quack said that was because I was getting old. Yah, right. That was it.  Suddenly from January 2005 to March 2005 I couldn’t even add because all of a sudden I got old.

Right here, this dude is a quack…whatever else he does in life….he’s still a lying fucking quack.  And his Dad taught him to lie, because its their privilege.


We Had Tickets To The “How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb” Concert

I was so pissed off that Don hadn’t done anything to save me from the Ambien that when Debbie who I had not heard from in years called I asked her to go with me to the concert, instead.  I thought Don would object, but he didn’t so Debbie and I went.  From that point forward my life became surreal, lost in the psych drugs and what they’d done to me.  Nothing would ever be the same.  Not only would it not be the same, but it would become hell.