The Haunted House or A Resume For Psychos

In 2007 I was physically fit. Where up until that time walking was vigorous and uplifting, by the end of 2009 it had become a struggle. But by 2009 it had begun that I felt like I couldn’t even breath. I wasn’t breathing. That was from being raped.

Now, thought, as I look at My Picture Story (coloring) Book I see that at the end of 2005 and my second time at St. Joseph’s I wasn’t saying I wanted to die. I wasn’t saying I wanted to kill myself. What I wrote that I was saying is that I was dying. I remember telling the nurse and the social worker I was afraid to be alone because I was dying and afraid and I didn’t want to die. I remember they asked me if I thought I wanted to kill myself. And I told them I didn’t know but that I was afraid so I didn’t want to be home alone. That’s what I was saying to them.

I was creeped out that someone had been setting outside my house watching and waiting for me to arrive home from vacation. How long had that person or people set there watching my house? You see, I trusted Kathryne Moschel. Maybe that trust was only because I was confused so I was missing all of the red flags. It did not at that time ever occur to me she was the one lurking in the shadows. If I realized that I wouldn’t have been afraid. I would have been mad. I think. But maybe at the time my neurotransmitters couldn’t “do” mad. I don’t know. I only know that I was totally creeped out and afraid, so that’s why I went to St. Joseph Hospital’s emergency room that night. I suppose they had made me feel safe and unafraid when I’d gone there is February during the Ambien episode so that is where I wanted to be again. And I see now in my coloring book I wasn’t saying I wanted to kill myself. I was saying that I was dying. Its the truth, and I was dying.

Of course they sent me out from St. Joseph’s that second time to the ultimately condemned Puget Sound Crisis Center where for 3 days I laid in misery with the others out of their minds with nowhere else to go.

After the 3 days in Puget Sound Crisis Center at home my mom and sister were in my driveway, having called the cops because I had gone missing. After assuring them I’d been in the hospital and that everything was fine, they scooted along home. But back home, I was still creeped out. I wanted to know who delivered those papers to me. Maybe, probably, ordinarily I would not even have cared. Well, actually, probably ordinarily such a thing wouldn’t even being going on anyway had it not been for the mind drugs. So as it was nothing was normal in my life. Its never been again. Well, except for just this past weekend when we went to the micro brewery. That was pretty normal. I had such a good time.

But for 13 years I’ve been trying to find normal, or some semblance of it. Maybe it happened this past weekend, but its happening in a way that my life will be gotten back, that won’t happen. I look in the mirror and a 70 year old woman looks back at my 62 year old self. And this is because in 2005 I began dying. The 19 days and nights without sleep started me dying. The doctor knew it. That’s why he wrote in his notes I was dying. But he called it by suicide because that is what usually happens. But I was never suicidal. For them that was a problem. Instead of dying I fought for my life. I’m still fighting for my life. They need to give me back my life.

Well, so anyway, one might think, “well we all die.” But this dying they caused is different. Its not natural dying. Its not God’s taking us kind of dying. Its an inflicted death, its an accelerated death, its murder.

How many times do I need to say it? They know. They are killing us, and they know but they keep doing it for money and power. I don’t give a damn how many stupid kids or mouths they have to feed. YOU DON’T KILL PEOPLE TO MAKE MONEY TO FEED PEOPLE!

And besides, Diane Cecchittini retired a multi millionaire. She killed people to make that money. It doesn’t take one murder to be a murderer, but during her tenure at Multicare she has killed more than just one. I can only nightmare over how many people Sargent Sr. has caused the deaths of through Western State. Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ!

For every person who thinks their doctor is saving their lives there are hundreds more who know their doctors are killing them. Its a racket. We’re being made sick on purpose. They are not healers. They are making us sick. if we cause them trouble they will kill us. They will set up our deaths and, like Dr. Sargent Jr., when I kept going back to his office during those 19 or more days without having slept he watched me dying. He didn’t do a thing to help me, either, until my Mom went there and told him she was going to kick his ass if he didn’t do something. Because there I was driving around, right through red lights, trying to live my life, trying to find sleep, and having not slept in 19 or more days and he didn’t care. I was dying when before that I wasn’t. Mind drugs are Hell, and they open the portals to Hell. They are what is wrong with the world.

But, by 2007, I was starting to come back to life again. That’s why when Kevin began pursuing me I told him to leave me alone! I was recovering.

And even after going through the Multicare vs Judy I continued with my physical therapy massage therapy. Probably by that time I was paying for it myself because I didn’t have a doctor to prescribe it. Also the lawyer was bitching at the care providers to stop taking care of me because the insurance wasn’t covering it. Really, though, I had no idea what happened to me on the night of the Ambien. Whether or not that played a role in delaying my wellness, I don’t know. But by 2007 I was paying for it, and I kept going because it was helping me. I was coming back to life.

I really don’t know why, exactly, what was a problem for the doctor’s old man, so I’m thinking about it AGAIN!!! Probably I’ve already said a million different times in a million different ways, but here we go again.

First of all, in court, I’d given exhibits right there in front of everyone proving the old man was a crony quack. Secondly, his son set right there on the witness stand saying so, and testified that he’d learned to lie in his notes from his father the crony quack. It isn’t his exact words, but if anyone intelligent was following the matter (which LeRoy McCullough was not, either that or he was not intelligent enough and couldn’t follow it. Or maybe he’s just a crony fuck bully. Whatever, only the outcome mattered.) But on the witness stand when I showed the doctor his lying father’s deposition he said that’s how he learned. BINGO. So the old man had reason to be pissed off about that, I guess. Well, no really he didn’t, because the lying bastard had made his own bed. Funny how they don’t like laying in them, though.

Then, I suppose, he was hearing all around town (or from enough people anyway), because I was hanging in the same connected groups through and volunteering, that I was asking everyone what they thought was going on. Of course because they were all doctors families they all feigned innocence. I was the meany asking. And still yet I was pining over the doctor, believing the messages coming through that they were trying to help me. At the time that was the psychological manipulation. Oh, yah, there was some bigger badder situation that they were protecting me from. Oh sure. They were confusing me on purpose. And I was dying. That’s what I told Barbara that day at the Thrift Shop. I told her I was going down and I was not going to make it. That is when she connected me with Valley Cities. I was being pulled under. Its those drugs. They are killing people, and the doctors know it, but they keep dispensing them for money.

Its the drugs. I guess most people don’t realize the effects the way I did because I am sensitive. Either way, they know they are killing us with them, and when we die they have in their notes it was our own fault not theirs. Just like the patient whose wrong leg got amputated. Williams Kastner proved it was the patient’s fault not the surgeons or the clinic’s fault but the patient’s.

But there I was a walking, talking billboard exposing them. So was Misty a walking, talking billboard. That’s why she ended up at the bottom of the White River ravine. I remember when I was working with the homeless I had an opportunity to go down there, too, towards Pierce county line. But I was busy, and my focus was not on what was going on down there. So I stayed close to home, like I do.

I suppose if I’d wandered off like Misty did the same thing would have happened to me, or something similar. That was the direction it was kind of going for me, too. Because what happens to us from those mind drugs, and from the isolation we begin experiencing, is that how they change us melts away our normal world. So then we become exposed to to things we are not used to dealing with. Having my (now ex) husband used to help keep me safe. That’s why he told me without him I would not make it. In this world for someone sweet without protection they will kill us. And what happens with the mind drugs it that it takes us away from our lives and puts us into the hands of the nefarious predators. And they are all over the place Bottom feeders, but not at the bottom. The ones at the top are worse, because they’re directing it. Like Dr. Sargent and Diane Cecchittini, and they are pros. Like Kevin Boileau, too, is a bottom feeder working his way to the top of the Satanic heap.

I use the word “us” when I tell what they are doing, instead of using “me”, because I understand how it went with Misty and I know it hasn’t just been Misty and I. We become isolated from out friends and family, and we start crying out for help. But the ones who are supposed to be helping us won’t. Instead they are covering up for themselves. So we keep reaching out, trying to get answers, because we are falling into the portals of Hell, and there are a lot of people there ready to pick our bones on the way down. I saw them all. Maybe not their exact faces but I saw them too. They killed Misty. They needed to kill me, too, but I was too stable. That’s what happened. I was too stable. Calling us unstable is their go to cover up word. “Oh we tried to help but he (she) was just too unstable.” Never mind that we weren’t until they started dumping their drugs into us, right? Oh, no, the doctors are the victims who were just trying to help. Like Kevin sodomized me because he was just trying to help, right?

Yes, I may have been being confused, but I was still stable. So, yes, too, there I was, a walking, talking billboard displaying their corruption. The old man knew it. So he had to do everything he could to make me destabilize me, and together they were all doing a pretty good job of it, too. All the bone pickers came out.

I remember Marty Taylor at Stay In Home making promises then instead using my illness to exploit me. And he even had cancer. Maybe I should post here my cancer diagnosis and the letter from the surgeon scaring me that if I don’t get his surgery his lethal prognosis for me. I’ve got those things around. Anyway, so Marty they say survived cancer, yet there I was a loan officer dealing with cancer, traveling miles everyday to meet Marty’s demands, while his staff treated my business like shit on their shoes. I remember their “office manager” Patti coming up to tell me that she could never do what I was doing, going out bringing in business on my own the way I was doing. She wasn’t complementing me. She was rubbing it in that she got to set on her ass all day while Marty stole business away. But there I was doing all of that even with cancer, and even after having been raped, and even after losing everything, and while even still being stuck on those mind drugs, and I was still working and fighting to keep my income and my home. But what the old man wanted done to me was to destroy me, to destroy my career, and he wanted to show me. That’s why he sent Mr. Peterson to get his loan from me, then let me know he’d been the one hacking my computer. And that’s why at the end of the deal Mr. Peterson sent our zillions of letters to me and to the bank saying he didn’t want the deal. And that’s why Nazarita Goldhammer sent to Stay In Home the restraining order. Kevin wanted to write about its. Nazarita wanted to write about it. Except they wanted to tell it from the point of the doctor’s being the victims. But now God is showing them through me. Now I’m writing about it.

So there was Marty Taylor at Stay In Home, who at first I thought was a decent guy. But, instead, when he sort of wheedled his way into going with me to Twin Stars for a meeting, while we were there he asked Mark (my contact) if would he (Mark) rather keep working with me (and Marty nodded his head towards the obviously disheveled me setting there) or, wriggling his fingers toward himself, him (Marty, who was all put together?) And that’s the kind of vultures who come out when we are going down. And Marty was a cancer survivor, too. Still a scumbag, though. And Patti too, was a lazy fat ass who couldn’t do the job if she had to. I guess that’s privilege, huh? Am I bitter? Yes, I am. Anyway, I remember Mark didn’t seem to know what to say to Marty. I’m sure he also thought Marty was a scumbag.

Then there was Katy Reisling and Pinnacle. More vultures.

Despite it all I kept being the walking, talking billboard. All the while I kept working hard, too, as I fell apart.

For 13 years it was just like the in the hospital room I’d created for the Rotary’s 2005 Haunted House where all I could do was to keep screaming, “Look what they’re doing! Look what they’re doing!”



The FBI & FAA Knew.

Concept Solutions, that contracted with the FAA, hired me.  From that hiring the FAA had the FBI do a background check.

She had called me in for an interview that took about forty five minutes to an hour when she gave me the list.  We spoke about the details, and she wanted me to put it all in writing.

From that this is the list Susan at the Federal Aviation Administration  (FAA) Human Resources gave me to write about from what the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) had given her.

What she wanted to know was pretty clear.

While we were talking Susan’s co-worker was standing outside the interview room with both I.T. guys, and they were listening at the door to what was being discussed between me and Susan.

Later the I.T. guys, especially the one whose name I think was Gary, began using the term “69” to me, referring to what Kevin Boileau had done to me, and I guess they though that was kind of cute, like maybe it was some sex game between me and Kevin, I guess they figured.  Just like the pervs at the government would think I suppose, because they don’t have anything real to work on.

Anyway, then Sally told me and the Army guy how she knows the soldiers put their penises into the mouths of the enemy, and I suppose that was just coincidence, though.

Along with that the I.T. guy also showed me how and that they were inside and behind my home computer’s gel, but I guess I’m not supposed to share these things, right?

Under ordinary circumstances probably I would ignore it all. But we all know my circumstances, although more common than people want to admit, are not normal nor ordinary.

I did the best I could.  I kept as much as I could while my life was collapsing.  I kept it mostly to remind myself that the nightmare was real.

The FBI knew what happened.  The FAA knew what happened, too.  And they didn’t care, and only wanted to know I guess to be curious and for something to gossip about.   Either way, they all knew, and they were all in my computer, and they all watched it going down, and they didn’t do jack shit to stop it or to help me.  Instead there I was fodder for gossip too. And why not?  My doctor and his family was doing it too.

I’m glad I kept track of as much as I did.  Otherwise, honest to God, today I’d probably easily be convinced I was nuts.  But I’m not.  They could only wish.


So, ultimately, who are you going to believe?  The perverted dude who wrote in A Reason & A Season he convinced a woman over the phone to have sex with a carrot and his accomplice who considers herself the perverted Simone to his  as perverted Satre?  Or me, the one who  sweetly and innocently colored in My Story Book the truth of that they were all doing evil to me?


I Really Don’t Think Communicating

is my problem.    Never has been.  Never will be.

This blank story book showed up at the St. James Thrift Shop where I volunteered.  I started drawing my story in it.  These pictures are the same things I was telling everyone around me about. Something that cannot be seen in this book is how my family was negatively reacting too towards me.

Well, I guess it can be seen in the picture I drew of Don (my now ex husband.)    I guess it can be seen in the picture I drew of what Kathryne Moschel said in my family room to me about what men do to women. And I suppose it could be coincidence that at the FAA Sally Smith pretty much said the same thing to me but she said it is the soldiers who do that wicked to the enemies’, not just men in general.

Things weren’t included in the story book, like I didn’t know who the woman was that Kathryne brought to the church parking lot to meet me until I saw Diane Cecchittini’s picture on the internet…probably around 2011ish.

For me, of course, there was a lot of filling in of the blanks to do along the way.  And now I can look back at the coloring book and it helps me to understand what was related and what was unrelated.  It also reminds me of things related I didn’t post, and things unrelated that I didn’t post but at the time I thought was relevant but wasn’t.

At the time the doctor’s group was confusing me, which is what mind manipulative PsyOps stalking to take us out is all about.

Of course, then add into that being stuck on their drugs, or at least I was made to believe I was, and the number of people who push that onto us is done on purpose to keep us off balance.  Those ones are either part of the gang’s MKUltra who say and do whatever they’ve been team tag programmed to say or do, or they are brainwashed morons dependent upon the system so they just say chit because they’ve heard it and think its cool, or they are system’s people who really cannot handle the discomfort of knowing the truth.  And there are A LOT of THEM.

Even I tried to trust the system all of my life, and through this, as difficult as it was being made for me.  But the system is perverse. The system is distorted. The system is bitter.  The system is worse than narcissistic.  Its actually psychopathic.   The truth of it is horrible and people will go way out to believe the (imperfect) person is at fault for what’s being done to them.  That simply is not true.

Even reading Jamie Cobat’s youtube’s in the comments people talk about her, that they don’t like her, or that so and so said about her this or that, and that’s how they justify that it doesn’t matter that what’s being done to her is wrong.

Same with Schaeffer Cox, that Bill Fulton who framed him said they didn’t like the stupid tweed hat Schaeffer wore so I guess that was good enough reason for a laugh and to surround him, entrap and frame him for at first their murdering him but when that failed settling for putting him in prison for the majority of his life. All from a little tweed hat and Schaeffer’s great ability to think and communicate.  Hum, see any pattern here, too, among the turds?

*Dear reader, if you are one of the turds that’s not my problem.  Its yours. Get help.  Sincerely, Judy Lee*

Then, about Schaeffer, of all things Bill Fulton and the other system’s trolls are making money writing books and television shows about what they’ve done to him.  And the morons are eating it up like breakfast. Never mind that the majority of things were lies dreamed up by predators who do it for their jobs.  And those are all one and the same who jump on the predatory band wagon to take someone down.  How many times did even my Mom ask me if I’d quit taking my meds, its that well written into the brains?  I’d heard that so many times from arrogant system’s creeps that hearing it anymore is enough to make me want to throw up.

The idea that these geniuses are so educated by psych 101 they think they have the authority to diagnose people as fast as name that tune in 3 seconds is absurd.  How many of those “professional” hands I went through that didn’t know their ass up, or at least didn’t know enough to help me is actually quite troubling. Especially this is true when they work for the State health department and crisis and commitment services!  Especially, too, when most of them only give remedy by shoving more drugs into our mouths.  Its totally sickening.   Valley Cities, especially, was sickening.  I told Marcia what Kevin had done to me.  Later all she wanted to do was change my Ativan to something Valley Cities could make $ off of.  Boo on them!  Boooooooooo!

As I was hysterical and fighting for my life the number of people who would ask me if I’d forgotten my meds was almost enough to drive me back to them. Almost.

Except I kept sight of the fact that it was those drugs doing to me what they were that was all negative.  I was paying attention.

When I’d heard the doctor had written I was suicidal back in Feb. 2005 from the Ambien, and that was a lie, and when Jerry told me the doctor later reported in my medical records that I was bi polar I knew that was a lie too.

Those son of a bitch liars.  Evidently because they are not human they think they have the right to lie to diagnosis us for human reactions and feelings towards their experimenting on us?

But for me to have put it all together in a clear and understandable way while I was going through it would have been impossible.   Well, it was impossible.  I had to survive it first.  I had to show people!

I really don’t think even the great and wondrous psych majors could have figure this out for themselves.  The number of so called professional hands I’ve gone through without receiving proper care is very troubling. Especially it is so when I had in place all of the insurances that should have protected and covered me.    Especially, too, when I lived among them so you’d think someone would have extended themselves to actually helping.

But, as far as it goes my ability to communicate has been right on target from the beginning, even if I was confused and didn’t understand what the hell.

The idea that I needed to act a certain way, to not cuss or swear, to not be upset, but to set down clinically and without feelings or emotions to satisfy anyone’s sensitivities towards proclivities is beyond selfish to think.  I have had no obligation to not call Leroy McCullough a whore.  I have had no obligation to not call any of these criminal murderers anything but the no good fuckers that they are.   Sometimes there is no other words but the truth.

In the pictures below, what you see about the Ambien..that was one of the exhibits information I gave the courts from the original Ambien, not the Ambien CR that later they came out with.  I was shocked to find it in my coloring book.  I gave at least 35 exhibits of evidence to Judge McCullough and Cheryl Comer to prove what they’d done to me.  Cheryl Comer lied, and when McCullough let her know she did not prove her case, and even asked her if she’d read my exhibit, then even told her there is no way they could prove my if I intended to block the doctor, because they had no case he turned around the “forced” me to AGREE I’d done something that I did not do.  You will never hear me say I did that.  You will hear on the record I agreed to his insisting that I agree.  There is a difference.  I was there.  I know what happened.

For any so called “friend” to have told me I needed to stop trying to take down the doctor or stop trying to ruin his career, or that I don’t have a right to complain about having been raped, to them all I say this, “Read my palm”…. because I’m taking them down…….and really it hasn’t been me. I could not have done all of this alone.  Its been God all along.  With the help of God I will not stop telling until they show me they are doing something right for me, something good for me, because I deserve it after what they have done. RIP Misty. RIP Rick.


About Sticks & Stones.

Stick & stones may break my bones, but words will never break me.

It is reported to have appeared in The Christian Recorder of March 1862, a publication of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, where it is presented as an “old adage” in this form:

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never break me.

But that isn’t true, and what words can do is more accurately stated in this poem by Ruby Redfort:

Stick and stones may break my bones, but words can also hurt me.

Stones and sticks break only skin, while words are ghosts that haunt me.

Slant and curved the word-swords fall, it pierces and sticks inside me.

Bats and bricks may ache through bones, but words can mortify me.

Pain from words has left its scar, on mind and hear that’s tender.

Curs and bruises have not healed, its words that I remember.


Words in the hands of our enemies is by far the worst took to use against us.  Slander, defamation of character, and torturing someone through words is murder.  Dr. Sargent’s father knows that.  Kevin Boileau knows that too. And so do most introductory level kindergarten the first time they snicker someone as predatory bullies then get by with it.  Mastering that skill through psycho analogy to become an adult who is enabled by apparently us to make a living destroying human being with sticks and stones has got to be the epitome, the ultimate description of mind fucking evil.

Especially this is true when they are making their livings performing their evil under the guise of “helping” and their measurement for “helping” that person is so very skewed by their own uncontrollable mental sickness.

Even more, these “helpers” are teaching other morons who have very low self esteem to do the same things they are against decent people.  Am I their judge?  Well, I’d say that yes I am, as a matter of fact.  I am because I’ve lived.  I wasn’t supposed to though.  That I am continues being a testimony to my own moral strength and confidence.

If I could tell you all of the things Kevin said to me, all of the things Dr. Sargent’s group said about me, well maybe some of you are in the process of learning or are already educated in their ways so maybe you already know.  Either way, I’m here to say what was done was to break me down to destroy me and even for Boileau to exam me under the guise of “research.”    It does go back to him.  That is a fact.  So no matter how many trolls there is to make me think of myself what is not true I know the facts.  The facts are, as it goes, the ones who did this to me are fucked people (and they do it to a lot of people, too.)  They know they are fucked, too.  Kevin knows he’s fucked.  He know he’s fucked up.  I cannot imagine the doctor’sold man doesn’t know those things about himself.  I am pretty sure by the way the doctor groaned on the witness stand while I was questioning him, he knew he was fucked, too.  So what do you do when you’re fucked?  I guess even if you’re a doctor you come out swinging.  Except, that is against the rules.  Actually its against the law.  And why is that?  Its because intelligence understands that sticks and stones can break the bones.  But words will do a lot more long term harm than anything else.  In reality words destroy in ways that the one targeted by them can never recover.

As any reader who goes through this blog, or reads anything I’ve written since the doctor blew my mind with those drugs then had me sodomized by Boileau with the help from his group one theme can be seen.  That theme has been my battle against their words.  Those words didn’t become only their words but they became the words of many, many people and the words have traveled.

At first they traveled among my neighbors. Then they traveled among my business associates.  Gradually they consumed my life to destroy it.  And the words did not do me any good.  They were not there to help me.  And instead they have only harmed me while the ones using them are, themselves, sick mother fuckers.

Now, it has become true that some people are using words to lift me up. And that feels good. But the destruction that has been done through words remains.

A friend said what they did to me was assault and battery.  I’d never thought of it like that because for a long time I was only confused and living in shock and awe.

My son recently told me America has been called the experiment.  I’m not exactly sure this type of experimenting is what was in mind when it was coined that but its true this is what its become.  Americans have been made stupid and sick by the Nazi (not necessarily white) Reich.   The United States has spread that sickness around the world.  I’m sorry world!  It wasn’t me.

Another friend shared with us that the public education system was taken over in 1953, whereby the United States Federal government sold to the States by using the face of Jane Morrow  Spaulding (who was a teacher) on the idea of standardized education.  After two months in the job Jane was let go and replaced by Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, a member of one of the richest banking families in the world.  Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller commented, “….Give me just ONE generations and I’ll change the minds and therefore the direction of the world.”

I was born in 1955, and I am here to tell you that what I have seen is that the public schools have created mass ignorance across America.  Possibly they have spread it to the world.  It rather seems so.

When I was 5 my grandmother nodded towards the television and told me I would see more people in my generation lose their freedoms then of any generation before mine.  I was only 5 but her words stayed with me.  Her words were true, and the television and theater became the brainwashing tools that have “educated” everyone.  How often I listen to people cite movies as their education boggles my mind.  People really do believe most of the crap they are told through it.  And that is because they cannot think for themselves.  The educational system has ensured that.  This is true of both public and private educations, too.  Its not to say there aren’t brilliant people in the schools, its only saying they cannot think for themselves. Even worse they follow people like Kevin Boileau as an instructor.  Even worse they accept as authority people like Dr. Sargent Sr. and/or Diane Cecchittini or even Judge Leroy McCullough.  None of them whom can differentiate between rape or a relationship.

That now rape is a relationship is the damage of words when they are used as legal authority by some very sick and evil people.   Most of the sick and evil ones are lawyers.  As example, Kevin Boileau is a lawyer.  So is Cheryl Comer.

And so is the Williams Kastner Law Firm that convinced for an insurance company a jury it was the fault of the patient’s that the surgeon amputated the wrong leg so that the surgeon and the practice was not liable.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was good.

Through words lawyers and the Reich have destroyed the Word, and what used to be good.

The primary theme throughout my battle has been fighting their words.  The words they used were real words, and they documented most of them in the courts. So did I document in the courts my side.  Therefore if someone wanted to go back all of that way, to Multicare vs Judy, it can all be seen that I was fighting their lying words.  Cheryl Comer lied in the courtroom. She knew that when she and I set together outside the courtroom.

The doctor lied.  The judge lied.  I gave at least 35 exhibits to show them.  But they all chose to lie with their words.

Then along came Kevin Boileau’s group to duplicate their effort.  And, all along, they still try to prove through words I am mentally ill (not them) and that they did nothing wrong to me.

Even the freak anonymous man twat on Jamie Cobat’s youtube commenting concluded I had not been stalked and that I’m mentally ill.  Funny, for all his brilliance he cannot even say his name.

As it is, I remember when human resources at Axia called me very much concerned about what Nazarita Goldhammer sent them through the mail.  At the time I was in the midst of Nazarita’s lying to the police, stating I was physically stalking her at home, work and places of socializing.  I didn’t even know the woman so how could I do those things?  So she lied on the police reports, put her signature on that.  So did Kevin lie, too, about my physically stalking him.  Same/same as Dr. Sargent and Christine Monroe had implied I’d been stalking them.  Funny how it works that way.  Nonetheless, there was Axia’s human resources calling me concerned.  Human resources was concerned because I was a sales person and she thought I was stalking customers. She thought Goldhammer and Boileau were customers who’d asked me to leave them alone but instead she thought I was showing up around them in places I should not have been so they had to get a restraining order against me.  Can you imagine having to explain to human resources what was being done to me?  Yes, and I had to explain later, too, to the FAA because of the report of the FBI’s.  And, yes, everyone around me was talking about it.  Words can, too, harm us.

But, back to Goldhammer’s sending a copy of the restraining order to Axia?  Why did she do that?  If you go through all of the crap she filed in the courts you will not see ONE single connection between me, Axia/Stay In Home, her or Kevin Boileau. I had only worked at Axia for less than 6 months, and I was kept pretty busy with my business and fighting cancer at the time.  There was not one single reason for Goldhammer to send that paperwork to Axia human resources.  Nazarita Goldhammer did that to harm my reputation at work, and nothing more.  Just the same way Dr. Sargent’s family was sending their crap to my other places of employment, such as Eagle Home Mortgage in Kent, manged by Lynn Helm, who’s notepad was put inside my (locked home) months later with a note on it to me that I did report to the police but the police refused to take the report.

Now, here I am, and I’m telling the readers and I have given the most damning evidence in fact as proof that not only did Nazarita unnecessarily send the copy of the restraining order papers to Axia ((to which she got my updated employer’s information off of my resume on Linkedin where she’d been following me for months – because Linkedin at the time told us who was following us but (again) Nazarita Goldhammer was not anyone I knew so I only wondered – so that she would have known Axia was the most recent) but also Goldhammer sent those papers to my church, to Reverend Marda.

When back then Rev. Marda called me about them suddenly I knew I needed to get my hands on those envelopes.  I remember asking Rev. Marda if she still had the envelope, because I wanted to see it. Rev. Marda was happy she did, and said, “YES I DO!  IT’S RIGHT HERE!”  I asked her if I could have it, and she said of course.  She set it there in her office for me to pick up.  Then I called over to Axia human resources to find out if she still had the envelope.  As a matter of fact she did, so I asked her if I could have it?  She said, of course!  She put it into the mail to me that day.

Along the way I have kept a lot of evidence to prove to myself what they were doing was real.  Sometimes I would get overwhelmed by the reality and I would shred things or erase them, or otherwise destroy them.  I didn’t want to believe it.  But those envelopes I’ve held onto.  And it was the chapter I wrote about those envelopes and Nazarita Goldhammer’s stalking me that the man on Jamie’s youtube comments discounted by writing that I was not being stalked and said that I’m mentally ill so that he wasn’t going to come back to talk any more.  He closed his case.  Oh, but, wait.  What he said doesn’t matter.  Because I’ve got the envelopes, and the envelopes are proof of what they have been doing.

They prove it enough that any civil court would rule in my favor.

If someone was to go back to read the entire records, including the evidence Goldhammer handed Judge Kato that first day in court, it would be clear that I never physically stalked her or Boileau, and I doubt there is even anything on record that I’d communicated at all with Goldhammer.  I didn’t even know who she was.  Not even when Kevin “introduced” me over the phone to his partner/mediator did he tell me that woman’s name.  When she cursed me over the phone, told me I deserved cancer, and that everyone hated me, I didn’t know who she was or why she was saying those things to me.  I remember telling her Kevin had raped me.  I remember all the things, the words, Kevin used to crawl into my head, and all of the evil he and she after that to me.  But I did not ever know who she was.   She filed false police reports to support Boileau’s false police reports.  What Boileau did to me was in support of what the doctor’s group hired him to do.

There is no doubt about it.

That the freak on Jamie Cobat’s site has tried to say otherwise, discounting me, doesn’t fly.  What he did didn’t even bother me.  Everything he said was laughable, even if a little bit of it had some truth.  The fact is I’ve been being stalked and only until I got out of the State of Washington did some of that start turning for me.  What is left in Washington State, and maybe what’s in Oregon too, can deny it all they want to.  But I know what is being said to me, and I know its purpose, and none of it has been to help me.  They set out to destroy me, and they are destroying many other people.  The only problem for them is I’ve lived to tell.

I didn’t come onto social media to be liked.  I didn’t come here to be Miss Congeniality.  I don’t care if people don’t like me, or Jamie Cobat, and I don’t even have to like Jamie Cobat either.  I don’t have to like Schaeffer Cox, and I don’t have to like Angela Faire.   I didn’t come here to do anything but at first to save my life.  And then it became to report that Multicare and that practice killed Misty and Rick, too.  Now that I’ve lived their goal is to discredit the truth.  That won’t happen.

And I am living proof of what they do.

I think what really saved me, though, was getting out of region 10.   And that was God’s doing.  It was a miracle.



Being Defiled. I Am A Survivor.

When Kevin Boileau raped me he asked me what makes me so special that I should not have my heart broken.  It wasn’t ever about his breaking my heart.  It was about his defiling my soul.  The man is Lucifer incarnate.

The idea that he crawled into my head first to set me up for the ultimate mind fucking is bad enough.  That I flipped out has been terrible. But that was the plan.  If I flipped out they could all say I was the problem.  Its that simple.

I don’t doubt myself nor do I question my sanity.  I have had more psychological evaluations since this began than probably most anybody.  Yet some troll last evening pretended to be the expert, as if he is the authority on my mental wellness.  He’s not.  I have had at least 3 in depth psychological evaluations, and all of them came out that I am mentally well and have suffered extreme emotional trauma that most people do not survive.

I am proud of myself, actually, although I am not happy with who I am today from what’s been done to me.

What I mean by that is now my life is splattered all over the internet for all the freaks toy with.  So who was that guy who knew off the top 3 or 4 things about me?  I don’t know.  That IS creepy.  This IS what that doctor’s drugs have made my life.

So maybe I was blessed before that my life was not creepy.  Maybe everyone anymore is living in a creepy life.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that I’ve been through terrible things before, but none that have left in me what has been done by that doctor and his family.  And that, from a doctor, is purely evil.

That said, I will never not be harsh on anyone who says they are my friend but is not sensitive to this condition.  I did not create the condition.  I’m living it, though. Day in and day out, I’ve living with what its done to my soul and to my life.

It is beyond “post traumatic stress disorder.”   My friend said it was assault and battery. Well, yah, I guess it was that too.  Its hard to tell since I’ve been busy getting the psychological snots knocked out of me for quite some time by professionals at it.

But, let me show you how I deal with “friends” now who aren’t really. Because, especially a female friend should be very sensitive to this that was done to me.  But, I’m finding a lot of females are the worst.  Like the “friend” who asked me if didn’t I give my husband blow jobs, so what’s the difference?  Like I said, no I didn’t and even if I did that doesn’t mean it was okay for some stranger to do that to me!  I didn’t even know the guy.  Who knows?  He could have any disease.  If he rapes people surely he’s filthy.  He defiled me.  My husband would never have defiled me like that.  I don’t care what y’all do in your bedrooms. That’s none of my business.  And what went on between me and my (now ex) husband certainly wouldn’t relate at all to being raped by a paid psychopath!!!  One who thinks raping a woman then not wanting to pursue a relationship is breaking her heart!  My heart was never broken by that man because I never knew him. We didn’t have a relationship.  Rape isn’t a relationship.  Judge Kato knew and she loathed at Kevin.  I don’t know why she gave me that restraining order, if maybe only to keep me from contacting him to me get over what he’d done.  Even so, he’s still around.  He still pokes at me.  He’s a psycho who cannot have a real relationship.  Yes, he wants one because he knows its normal for people to have them.  But, no, he can’t.  He sick.  He’s fucked up in his head.  But he knows normal people have loving relationships and he hates that he cannot.  Its a quagmire that I’ve read about so I do understand.  I’ve wanted to understand him, hoping by understanding him I can get over what he did to me.

As it goes, though, what he’s done has given me very little tolerance for people who are supposed to be close to me being insensitive towards it.  What he did to me was not like some random rape.  It was plotted out after he crawled into my head.  A mind fucking that was almost worse than the actual rape it was so horrific.

So, no, I don’t have friends who can’t respect my own condition.

When my so called friend posted on Facebook that a woman should not complaing about being raped, I realized she is not my friend. A friend would be sensitive to my condition.  My condition is horrific and will always be horrific now.

So she sent a message saying about her own perspetive on rape,  “The beauty is your entitled to your opinion and I respect that. There are many things people post on that I simply move on, your page too. Pick your battles, as the saying goes. I would never defriend you, that is most certain.  Package going in the mail probably Fri, have one more thing to add to it.”

And this was my reply, ” When a woman is defiled the way that was done to me its hard to keep from feeling dirty. Predators key in on that. Washing the filth of Boileau off of me has taken years. Very few women are raped in the way that I was because first he set me up for the mind fucking. its something you cannot know about and your matter compared to what I’ve gone through is minor. Other people going through much the same as what you are recognize what I’ve been through has been beyond what most people could even handle. I was a mob like “hit.” Misty and Rick are dead. They were not strangers to me. Their dying made them the lucky ones. I didn’t choose the battle. It was thrust upon me. And for anyone to think that a woman should not complain, for any reason, about getting raped cannot be a friend of mine. Its just the way it is. Probably you can save yourself the postage because I think you may be too arrogant to apologize for your callousness. Like i said, I would never post that people charged with murder have no right to complain about a prosecutor. And if I did post that I do believe you’d consider I was not your friend to think such a thing knowing what you’re going through. I don’t want your gift and when I can I will return the gift you sent last year. I will keep your situation in my prayers, just the same. ❤ Take care.”

As far as I’m concerned not only Rick but Misty were known to me.  Rick had been in my home before.  Misty was from not from from my neighborhood and she was seen by all of the same care providers that I was too.

There is no fault with anything I’ve said.  Nothing I’ve said has been lies.  I should not even have to defend my sensitivity to a friend.  I have no tolerance for this.  And I know others have had this done to them, too.  I know it because I have some friends who have and they are struggling, too, trying to cleanse themselves of being defiled.    How we do that we do.  Some can’t and they end up killing themselves.  Either way, those mind drugs are the portals to Lucifer, and had it not been for those that devil Boileau and his co hort Nazarita Pusshammer and all of the other freaks who want to deny that they are would never have gotten near me.

I hate that doctor with all of my being and I have every right to, and I will until the day I die curse his existence.  Because who I am is not who I was before, and who I was before was fine. I don’t care if some people didn’t like me. And they did this to me on purpose.  I will write and tell about it until my last breath is taken, and some anonymous male predator twat on youtube isn’t going to stop me.

A Little Bit of Afterglow & Eavesdropping.

I haven’t really written much because I’ve been reveling in the afterglow of the pre Christmas party dinner.  It was such a nice time, like I haven’t had in soooooo very long.

Tonight I’m compelled to write though for people to understand things because its come to my attention there still is a lot of this targeting of individuals and also of stalking.

I know my situation was rather extreme because of the mind drugs and the doctor and his father/family’s wishing to cover that up, but breaking it down right now to just the stalking and the rape part of it I want you to know that most people cannot  handle the truth.

Especially the ones who do it can’t handle it.  And a lot of them work for the government or in I.T. positions of data collectors.  So to them hacking and cyber eavesdropping on us is normal.   A lot of them even think that they know us because they are reading everything we write to each other and listening in on all of our conversations.

The Federal government, if I haven’t shown this before, has regions.  I kind of think that how much you get messed with depends upon who’s managing the region you’re in of whatever organization is doing the eavesdropping. And it can be a number of them, not just one.

Also the government employs contractors too, or at least they used to.  The employees and contractors see our information, too, and just like the doctor’s family did they gossip, share and spread rumors.  They don’t think what they are doing is any big deal.  It is.  They are cyber stalking us, and we don’t even know them.  Its actually quite chilling.

As it goes, a friend posted on youtube about a terrible situation she is in.  Then some anonymous person began saying mean things.  When I defended my friend’s position then the anonymous person turned his attention to me.  He pretended like he knew me by suggesting I had to move across the country because my family is insane.  Well, okay, I’ll give him that.  But how did he know I’d moved across the country?  I know its not big secret, but….

He was talking some other smack while I was telling him to have the guts to show his real name.  Of course he wouldn’t.

My friend thought it was her ex husband’s brother.

After about 3 or 4 days of going back and forth with the anonymous cluck he pulled a youtube I’d posted on a while back of Belleruth Naparstek on emotional trauma and he plugged it into the comments on my friend’s youtube.  (eyes roll.)  Then he asked me how my PTSD is doing and said ‘welcome to the internet.’  What a genius, right?  I was, like, uh “yah, whatever.  Here’s the real story, son, and by the way it wasn’t PTSD as much as that it was assault and battery.”

I’m telling you, these dudes have no relationship skills and this to them is a relationship.  Remember Kevin Boileau and rape is a relationship he didn’t want to pursue afterward?  Its the same creepy chit.  These dudes think they are in a relationship with us. Pretty F’d up, huh?

So he gave his analysis of my blog chapter on Nazarita Goldhammer, and he concluded that I was never stalked, and that I am mentally ill.

The truth is, if they are stalkers, we can’t really rely on them to judge.  And that is what I wanted the readers to see.

As it went, he didn’t trouble me and if anything when these kinds of turds surface on social media each time I deal with them believing they cannot hurt me then I feel safer in my world.

Fact is, I will never feel safe the way I used to.  Not ever.  The only time I will feel safe is if I’ve with someone I know I can totally trust.  And those ones for me are few and far between. I’ve already figured it out that my “social life” will remain almost non existent.  Pretty much  I’ll be a hibernating freak living in fear because I don’t like that, on the most part, people make me trigger.

But it was great that the dude on the youtube didn’t get under my skin the way he’d hoped to.  Instead his idiocy made me laugh.  And, ultimately, I told readers to take notice.  I am sure people who have been bullied, at the very least, saw what a smart aleck predator the guy is.

And zctually he’s quite creepy and I guess that’s what he digs being.  Whatever.  They are all over the place, play it from the same handbooks.  He’s probably law enforcement, government or some security guard somewhere is my guess.  A know it all.  Definitely a narcissist, but probably the dude’s not a full blown sociopath.  I think I’d recognize that pretty quickly.  Just a dick who can’t handle the reality of that he’s just a lonesome coward picking on girls while hiding in the shadows trying to peek up skirts.  He’s a puke.  Probably makes a V with his fingers than wriggles his tongue inside them at women the way pukes do.

All in all Facebook has helped to save me, but we are stilling dealing with these regional dudes who are pervs.

I don’t think my own region is that way.  The dude did say he was in North Carolina.  But he was using a moniker very similar to my friend’s old email address that her ex husband made for her. So the guy is either her ex husband or someone who worked at the internet service provider at the time she was using that email.  I mean, it isn’t that hard to figure out.   Those things are not random.  Neither was his knowing about  my going across the country, and the other 2 or 3 things he mentioned knowing about me.  So he must be government connected, unless there is some of software that locates us. But how would he know where to locate me, and he should not know my middle name to find me.  So you see? Stalkers will always stalk while saying they’re not.





I always kept a pretty busy life, and I am not  paranoid.  I know when I’m being stalked.  I’m sure you do too.  Don’t let them phuck with your heads, okay?

Yes, some can and will destroy your life.  But don’t let them get into your heads.

The only way they got into mine was by giving me those minds drugs.  Otherwise none of that would have happened to me.

Know your reality, class.  And don’t lose sight of it.  If the Governor needs to hear back that we’re FOS from his own investigator, that can happen too. Whatever gets them through the night, right?  But its all real.

I am stable and I know real.  If that weren’t true I would be dead today, like Misty and Rick.  Misty and Rick didn’t deserve what happened anymore than anyone does.

Funny how they can watch everything we do but they cannot help us when we are being harmed.  Ask yourself why?  I will tell you. Because its just like my friend said, they cannot differentiate.  Rape is just another way of having sex.  Rape is just a relationship the rapist changed his mind about.  And forcing decent people into relationships and situations we don’t want to be in is what the judges, lawyers, government and corporations are all about.

Keep your guns close and ready.  They know who we are but they don’t have the guts to tell us who they are. Creeps will always creep. And there’s some creepy chit out there.

And that’s the situation the ones who’ve said they’re just trying to help has put us in. 85% of the people stalked are women by men (with the help of pathetic, attention seeking women like Nazarita Goldhammer.)

Before having to save myself from them through social media I led a very quiet and private life. Now all of this that I’ve written while I’ve been going through Hell is being viewed by people who have no discernment, whatsoever.

I really do hope Dr. Sargent goes to Hell. All of this that has happened to me is his fault, and ONLY his fault. Yes, I do hope he goes to Hell.